Best tips and tricks for Catch Mastery Ice in Pokemon GO

Official artwork for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Official artwork for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO's Catch Mastery Ice event goes live on Saturday, December 9, 2023. This celebration aims to give players a better chance at catching some rare Ice-type creatures in the franchise, with the most prominent one being Cryogonal, an interesting species originating from the Unova region's Twist Mountain.

The big draw of Catch Mastery Ice is the higher encounter rate for certain shiny Pokemon. However, the event is very short and will only last a few hours. For this reason, players may want to know how they can make the most of the limited time they have to catch as many Ice-type creatures as possible.

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How to make the most of Pokemon GO's Catch Mastery Ice event

The first thing Pokemon GO trainers will want to keep track of during Catch Mastery Ice is the weather. The weather of an area plays a key role in determining what creatures can spawn there. While Ice-type species will have an increase in their spawn rate during the event, having optimal weather will increase this even further, making the grind less of a chore.

Since Catch Mastery Ice revolves around catching as many Ice-type creatures in Pokemon GO as possible, players should participate in the event in areas currently experiencing snowy weather. This should give them the spawn rate boost needed to more easily complete the special research tasks they will receive throughout the event.

The next thing players will want to check on is their item supply. An abundance of Incense and Lure Modules may be needed for Catch Mastery Ice, depending on the trainer's location. Incense helps with encountering more creatures while remaining mobile. Meanwhile, Lure Modules attach to Pokestops and Gym locations to flood the spawn rates around those landmarks.


Both Incense and Lure Modules are fairly common in Pokemon GO, as they can be obtained for free by spinning the photo disk located at any Pokestop or Gym. Players with some Pokecoins to spare can also buy these items from the shop. If they do not have any free Pokecoins saved up, they can purchase them from the shop with real money.

Throughout the duration of Catch Mastery Ice in Pokemon GO, Bergmite, Snorunt, and Cryogonal will all receive an increase in their shiny odds. However, since Cryogonal will not be spawning naturally during the event, players are limited to the encounters they earn through the completion of the special research. Thankfully, trainers get a total of 40 chances to find their shiny Cryogonal.

Aside from catching Ice-type Pokemon, Catch Mastery Ice's research paths will also require players to land nice, great, and excellent throws with their Poke Balls. There is no definitive way to land these throws, as the timing and aim come with experience. Some tasks will require players to use berries while catching Pokemon, but they should be easy to complete.