Buddy Barrier in Pokemon Unite: How to get and use

Image via TiMi Studios
Image via TiMi Studios

The Buddy Barrier in Pokemon Unite is steadily increasing in popularity, and going forward players might see this item on a lot of opponents’ builds.

The way this item works is when the holder uses their Unite Move, both the player and their teammate with the lowest HP gets a shield worth 20%, 30%, or 40% of their max health.

This can be a great item to throw on a Supporter Pokemon since it can make them more tanky as well as help a more offensive character survive some tough scrums.

Pokemon Unite item can help teammates stay in fights longer


Thankfully, the Buddy Barrier is easy to come by.

The item can be purchased at the shop for either 1,000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. Considering the other items that are available, the Buddy Barrier should be one of the first items players spend their coins or tickets on.

Of course, all of this depends on which Pokemon the given player is trying to use.

The Buddy Barrier is more useful on Defensive Pokemon or Supporters, so players who want to be using other Pokemon like Greninja or Zeraora might want to worry about getting other items before they purchase Buddy Barrier.

The ideal way to use this item is to wait until the Attacker or Speedster of the team is stuck in a huge fight and use the Unite Move to give that teammate a shield. There are two situations in Pokemon Unite where this is guaranteed to happen in every match: Drednaw and Zapdos.

When these Pokemon enter the field, the more offensive characters typically rush towards them to score the kill. The issue is that opponents are also guaranteed to be there as well to prevent Zapdos or Drednaw from being taken.

In these situations, a defensive Pokemon can make a world of difference.

If Snorlax, for instance, uses its Unite Move, it can then summon a shield for another Pokemon like Cinderace or Greninja to get a better shot at taking that objective. This is especially useful for beating Zapdos, who can instantaneously turn the game around for a losing team.

There are also a couple of Pokemon that naturally have Unite Moves that synergize well with the Buddy Barrier.

Wigglytuff, for instance, draws up shields for nearby teammates with Starlight Recital. If equipped with a Buddy Barrier, Wigglytuff can stack these shields to make a glass cannon on the team incredibly bulky.

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