Can you catch shiny Jigglypuff in Pokemon GO?

Enter captionImage via The Pokemon Company
Enter captionImage via The Pokemon Company
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Being one of the more popular Pokemon from the original 150, shiny Jigglypuff is quite the collectible to come by.

Jigglypuff is a Normal and Fairy type Pokemon from the Kanto region. It could be found as early as Route 3 in Pokemon Red and Blue. It also became famous from the anime as quite the impressive singer.

Other fans may know Jigglypuff from its appearance in the Super Smash Bros franchise. Either way, catching a shiny Jigglypuff is going to be a treat. Here’s how to find it.

Can you catch shiny Jigglypuff in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Unfortunately, the best time to catch shiny Jigglypuff was last November. Jigglypuff was featured in a spotlight hour during that time, and the increased spawn rate meant that any trainer could find a shiny Jigglypuff with a little walking.

All hope is not lost on shiny Jigglypuff though. Thankfully, Jigglypuff is one of the more common Pokemon, and shouldn’t require too much to find other than a little luck.

One nice thing about looking for Jigglypuff is that it is part Normal-type, and Normal-types spawn just about everywhere. Trainers should have to walk too far before they find a couple Normal-type Pokemon during their stroll. There is no guarantee one of them will be a Jigglypuff, but there is always a chance.

Thankfully, Jigglypuff is also a Fairy-type, and this category of Pokemon have a much more defined area where they can be caught. Fairy-types are mostly seen by buildings. Specifically, if the building is a hospital or church, then Fairies will have a strong likelihood of spawning nearby. These are much better places to look for shiny Jigglypuff, since it is competing with far less Pokemon spawning there.

While most people might be hunting for shiny Jigglypuff due to it’s cool design, this Pokemon evolves into Wigglytuff, which is not the worst Pokemon to have (albeit, not the best either). Wigglytuff has a very impressive Stamina stat at 295. Unfortunately, it only has 90 defense, meaning it won’t be competing with other Gym defenders like Snorlax and Blissey. Offensively, it does learn Hyper Beam, a strong move that does an impressive 47.5 DPS.

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