Can you catch a Shiny Wingull in Pokemon GO?

A flock of Wingull as they appear in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A flock of Wingull as they appear in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As the weather begins warming up for many Pokemon GO players around the globe, Water and Flying-type Pokemon begin to spawn more frequently. With this being the case, many more users are becoming interested in the game's shiny hunting community.

So what about Wingull? Can it appear shiny?

Unlike almost every other entry in the Pokemon franchise, not every shiny variant is available for every Pokemon in Pokemon GO. As a result, gamers doing their research on a desired shiny variant before starting their hunt often pays off. Stocking up on certain items may also speed up the shiny hunting process.

While spending a significant amount of time, often many hours, may be unappealing for many, the dedicated shiny hunters could not disagree more. The random chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon can often provide jolts of excitement even if the player is not actively pursuing one. Their rarity brings value as well.

Shiny Wingull in Pokemon GO: Fact or fiction?

Shiny Wingull as it appears in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Shiny Wingull as it appears in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Luckily, Wingull's shiny variant is present in Pokemon GO. Knowing this, the hunt for Shiny Wingull can begin.

The first step of any efficient shiny hunt is to check the weather. While this is any sound piece of advice for anyone planning on leaving their house, weather plays a crucial role in what Pokemon spawn in the game.

Since Wingull is a Water and Flying-type Pokemon, rainy and windy days yield the highest chance for Wingull to spawn. The game tries to mimic the weather of the area the user is playing in, so a quick check of the mobile device's weather app is always a significant first step to beginning a shiny hunt.

Incense is a treasured item to have for shiny hunting. Upon being used, it attaches itself to gamers and increases the general spawn rate around them.

This item can be found by completing special research tasks, leveling up, or they can be purchased in the in-game shop for 40 Pokecoins each.


Another great item to bring to a shiny hunt is the Lure Module. This family of items works similarly to the Incense. However, the big difference is that the Lure Module works by attaching itself to Pokestops and gyms rather than attaching to the player. Pokemon spawned by Lure Modules are visible to other users as well.

Yesterday, they were treated to a Spotlight Hour event surrounding Wingull. During this event, the spawn chances for Pokemon were greatly increased for an hour. Though gamers can no longer receive the benefits of the event, Wingull and its shiny variant can still spawn in Pokemon GO.

Using the Incense item in tandem with many Lure Modules surrounding the area the player is in can maximize the general spawn rate of Pokemon. Pairing these items with the optimal weather conditions of rain or wind will help users make it most likely to encounter Wingull and, hopefully, its shiny variant.

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