How to get incense in Pokemon GO in 2022

Incense attracts Pokemon to the trainer's location (Image via Niantic)
Incense attracts Pokemon to the trainer's location (Image via Niantic)
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A helpful item to attract Pokemon in Pokemon GO, incense functions similarly to lure modules in that it brings Pokemon to a location. But instead of a set location, incense brings these Pokemon to wherever the user is located.


Since incense is such a great tool to obtain Pokemon, especially during events or situations where Pokemon GO trainers cannot move about the way they would normally, acquiring the items is a prudent move.

The good news is there are a few different ways to earn incense. Some are simpler and more straightforward; others will take some more work. Regardless, having multiple avenues to approach allows players to pick how they'd like to receive incense.

Pokemon GO: Different ways to obtain incense

Incense as it appears on the game's store page (Image via Niantic)
Incense as it appears on the game's store page (Image via Niantic)

The most direct method to obtaining incense in Pokemon GO will require purchasing it in the in-game shop. Doing so takes Pokecoins, which are obtained either from defending your team's gyms, or buying them via microtransactions using real money.

Since gym defense Pokecoin gain is capped, microtransactions are more reliable. However, not all trainers are willing to spend real-world money on the game, making it a non-starter for some.

Another method to earn incense requires leveling up a player's trainer level. At levels 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50, trainers are given free incense rewards. This can take a considerable amount of time at higher levels, but they're worth at least being aware of as trainers climb the trainer level ladder to the top.


The final way to earn incense is by completing Special Research Tasks. These tasklines are given to players directly by Professor Willow and yield several rewards upon completion of tasks and steps such as items and Pokemon encounters. Among the items given by these tasks, players can find incense in many of the reward tables.

There are several different Special Research Tasks to keep track of, each pertaining to a certain category. These include ones following Legendary/Mythical Pokemon, those that refer to Team GO Rocket and its leaders, Community Day-specific tasklines, Pokemon GO Fest research, Safari Zone research, level-specific research, and other miscellaneous tasklines.

If players haven't been able to get incense from other methods, completing the necessary steps of their Special Research Tasks can provide them with an incense or two to utilize in the future.

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