Can Marill be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

With so many Pokemon in Pokemon GO, it can be difficult to keep track of which have Shiny forms and which ones are yet to be introduced.

Since Marill in particular has been in the community's eye as part of recent events, it's worth looking into if the Pokemon itself has a Shiny form. Fortunately for collectors and completionists, Shiny Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill are all available to players in Pokemon GO. Although finding a Shiny is certainly difficult, it is possible nonetheless.

As of Holiday 2018, Shiny Marill will indeed appear, and Pokemon GO's current events can help with finding one.

Pokemon GO: Current events assisting with Marill spawns

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO's current Luminous Legends X event has increased the appearance of both Dragon and Fairy-Type Pokemon. Fortunately for those hoping to catch a Shiny Marill, Marill is a hybrid Water/Fairy-Type, meaning it makes the cut when it comes to increased spawn rates in the wild. While there's no guarantee that a Shiny will spawn from this particular event, the increased spawning allows for improved chances at triggering the small percentage needed to encounter the Shiny Pokemon.

With a little extra legwork, the spawn rate can be assisted further, giving Pokemon GO's dedicated players an even greater shot at finding what they're looking for:

  • Incense: Using the Incense item makes Pokemon spawn in close proximity to the trainer for one hour. If the trainer is stationary, Incense will guarantee one Pokemon spawn every five minutes. If the trainer is actively moving, Incense will spawn one Pokemon per minute or per every 200 meters traveled. Although Incense won't spawn any specific Pokemon, the increased chances for Dragon and Fairy-Types from Luminous Legends will lend itself towards the pool of Pokemon that the Incense can spawn. Incense can currently be purchased from Pokemon GO's in-game store for a discounted 40 Pokecoins, with a bundle of eight available for 250 coins during the COVID-19 pandemic measures in-place by Niantic.
  • Lure Modules: Lures are used by trainers at Pokestops to cause Pokemon to spawn at the spot in question for 30 minutes. There are currently five different types that attract different Pokemon types. In order to help attract Marill specifically, the Lures that players will want to focus on are either Rainy Lures or Glacial Lures. Both focus their spawning partially on Water Pokemon, which will help make Marill appear as a partial Water-Type. Additionally, a standard Lure Module can also help do the job, although it won't hone in on any specific Pokemon type. Thanks to the current event however, the increased spawning is still tilted towards Dragon and Fairy-Types, meaning Marill is still more likely than not to appear. Currently, a standard Lure costs 100 Pokecoins with an 8-pack costing 680. Glacial and Rainy Modules can only be bought one at a time, and cost 200 Pokecoins.

None of these measures guarantee the coveted Shiny Marill encounter, but it can help Pokemon GO's collectors find as many Marill as they can. With a high volume of encounters, a Shiny encounter may very well be closer than players think.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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