What is the best moveset for Azumarill in Pokemon GO?

Azumarill (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Azumarill (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO recently held a limited research event featuring Marill and now players are wondering what is the best moveset for its evolution, Azumarill, in the mobile game.

Azumarill is a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokemon that is evolved from Marill when enough species candies are used. This Pocket Monster has become increasingly popular in Pokemon GO, with Niantic hosting multiple events recently that incorporated Azumarill or Marill.

It's more important than ever for an Azumarill trainer to know the Pokemon's best moveset in Pokemon GO.

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The best moveset for Azumarill in Pokemon GO

Azumarill in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Azumarill in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Being a Fairy/Water-type, Azumarill is weak against Electric, Poison, and Grass-type moves. However, the Pokemon is also resistant to seven different types of attacks. Obviously, the type-advantages alone speaks for how useful Azumarill can be in battle.

Here's the moveset to make Azumarill an absolutely unstoppable force against the right types of foes in Pokemon GO.

Fast attack

Bubble is hands down the best fast attack for Azumarill to know. The only other alternative is Rock Smash, and this move only comes in handy for Azumarill in a few very particular situations.

Charged attack

Here's where things get a bit more debatable. Ultimately, the best charged move for Azumarill to know depends on the type of Pokemon a trainer intends to battle against. All things considered, more often than not the Fairy-type move Play Rough is the move to pick for Azumarill's charged attack.

Therefore, an Azumarill that knows Bubble as its fast attack and Play Rough as its charged attack, is the best-equipped for most of the battles this Pokemon is seen to be used in. This move combination benefits from the crucial Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) on both ends since Azumarill is a Water/Fairy-type.

It could be argued that Hydro Pump and Ice Beam are other potential charged moves for Azumarill to know in Pokemon GO. While an Azumarill that knows these moves might come in handy in certain scenarios, the Pocket Monster's best moveset is still Bubble paired with Play Rough because it can be utilized effectively more often in battles.

With the recent limited research day event taking place in Pokemon GO, players should have enough candies to evolve their Marills into Azumarills to take advantage of this moveset.

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