Where to find Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Dark-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Dark-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)

Dark-type Pokemon are Pokemon GO's most desired Pocket Monsters, though these shadowy creatures can sometimes be difficult to find.

These Pokemon are often sought after for their unique appearances and ability to battle against certain types of foes. These monsters wreak the most havoc against Psychic and Ghost-type opponents in Pokemon GO.

This article suggests a few hunting tips and location advice for players searching for Dark-type Pokemon.

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Where to find this type of Pokemon?

Tyranitar, a Dark/Rock-type, in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Tyranitar, a Dark/Rock-type, in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Players looking for Dark Pokemon are commonly frustrated because these rare monsters are hard to come by. However, searching for them in the appropriate habitat would lead to better results.

The basic rule to keep in mind when searching for Dark-types is to look in dark areas. The three primary areas to check out are: cemeteries, movie theatres, and local landmarks. Locations must have something "dark" about their existence or appearance.

Look for these creatures during the night. Given that they are Dark-type, they will be more in number at night. These monsters are more likely to spawn after 8:00 p.m. in a player's local time. When the game indicates that 'the weather is foggy,' the spawn rate of these creatures increases.

Following the tips above should provide ample opportunities to catch Dark-type Pokemon. Alternatively, players can always wait until the game has a Dark-type themed event where these monsters generally spawn more.

Dark-type Pokemon in the mobile game can give a trainer serious advantages in battle. Moreover, they have the coolest designs.

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