Can Palkia be shiny in Pokemon GO? (August 2021)

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Lord of Space, Palkia, is coming to Pokemon GO along with a shiny variant.

This comes in as part of an Ultra Unlock that the Pokemon GO Community earned during GO Fest 2021. By completing that global challenge, all three parts of the Ultra Unlock will be released.

Palkia comes as part 2 of the Ultra Unlock. Catching it, though, will be tricky, so trainers will need to be extra prepared if they want to come away with this shiny legendary.

Generation IV legendary has shiny form available in Pokemon GO


Along with part 2 of the Ultra Unlock starting on August 6th, Palkia will be a five star raid boss. Players will only have until August 17th to fight it, but it can be shiny when encountered.

This is likely in the game to hype up the release of the Generation IV remakes. Like the three generations before it, the Sinnoh games will be reimagined in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the latter of which Palkia is the mascot for.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl promises to be a very faithful rendition of the game, staying true to the elements and gameplay of the originals.

Once August 17th comes, this raid will go away. Trainers might be happy to know, though, that the Sword and Shield mascots are coming in part 3 of the Ultra Unlock. Zacian will appear as a five star raid boss for a week following which Zamazenta will be taking the helm.

It’s important for any trainer looking to catch a shiny Palkia to know that it won’t be easy. Palkia is an incredibly powerful Pokemon that also has a decent amount of bulk.

It definitely should take around five buddies to take down this Pokemon as well as some strong counters.

Speaking of counters, Palkia struggles against opposing Dragon-types. Pokemon that can charge up quick Outrages, like Dragonite and Salamence, tend to have quick-timed wins against the special legend.

Of course, Fairies like Gardevoir and Togekiss also take care of Palkia nicely, but they can't be compared with a Dragon's dominance over this Pokemon.

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