Can Registeel be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO players will have a golden opportunity to grab a shiny legendary in the upcoming days.

Registeel, along with the rest of the Generation III titan trio, will soon be appearing in Pokemon GO. Due to it’s Steel typing, Registeel is sometimes considered the best Regi out of the group.

While Regice and Regirock have enormously high stats in Special Defense and Defense respectively in the main series games, Registeel is the perfect combination of the two. Fortunately, this titan is just as bulky in Pokemon GO, with a 285 Defense stat. Here is how players can find its shiny form.

How can trainers catch this shiny legendary Pokemon?


As part of the Season of Discovery, each Gen III Regi will appear as a five star Raid boss. This gives players an opportunity to do some Raid hunting, grind XP and load up on resources as well as potentially catch a shiny Registeel.

This method might take a while, but patient players might have a better chance of catching Registeel if they wait a bit. A much better opportunity to catch shiny Registeel is coming along.

In addition to the Raids, Niantic is featuring a Raid hour every Wednesday from 6 PM to 7PM local time. This will basically be like a spotlight hour for Raids. The previous raid hour was dedicated to Regirock, but the next one will feature Registeel as the focus Raid boss.

This hour will be a prime opportunity to look for a shiny Registeel, since the spawns will be more frequent. In fact, a really prudent player could spend this time raising up some counters to Registeel so that they are prepared for the Raid hour.

Speaking of which, there are several Pokemon that are more than capable of knocking out Registeel, but players that don’t have a clear counter are going to struggle. Raid hunters are definitely going to want top tier Fire, Ground and Fighting-types. These Pokemon need to have high Attack stats, though, if they want any hope of breaking through Registeel’s colossal defense.

As far as specifics go, any Mega Pokemon or Shadow Pokemon with a type matchup are going to perform well in a Registeel Raid. Two near perfect counters are Mega Charizard and Shadow Moltres. Since they are both Fire and Flying-type, they resist Registeel’s Flash Cannon and Focus Blast.

Since Registeel has the Defense stat of an impenetrable wall, Raid hunt groups are definitely encouraged for this endeavor. Five good trainers can probably beat a Registeel Raid, but more will help if possible. Regardless of how many trainers come along, at least two of them should have hard counters to Registeel.

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