How to best prepare for Woobat Spotlight Hour on February 14 in Pokemon GO

Woobat's latest Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO is quickly approaching (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO's latest Spotlight Hour for the month will be underway on February 14, 2023, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time. The featured Pokemon is Woobat, a Psychic/Flying-type from Generation V.

During the Spotlight Hour event, Woobat will appear in the wild almost exclusively, thanks to its boosted appearance rate. This gives trainers the perfect opportunity to capture the Pocket Monster if they haven't already. They can also evolve it by collecting candies and setting it as their buddy to walk the required one kilometer.


In addition to these opportunities, trainers will receive double the Stardust gains from catching Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour event. Even better, there's still time to prepare for the event before it kicks off on Valentine's Day.

What to do before Woobat's Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO

Woobat's evolution Swoobat has some unexpected utility in Pokemon GO battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Woobat's evolution Swoobat has some unexpected utility in Pokemon GO battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)

If trainers want to take full advantage of Woobat's Spotlight Hour on Valentine's Day, they'll want to take multiple things into account. There are items to collect and places to go for the ideal experience in Pokemon GO.

Granted, some trainers may not be able to meet every recommendation. However, they should still be able to enjoy and seize on Woobat's Spotlight Hour well enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Things to accomplish before Woobat's Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO

  1. Begin by collecting as many Pokeballs, incense, and standard lure modules as possible. This entails spinning Pokestops, completing research tasks, and opening gifts from fellow trainers. If you're still unsure about your supplies heading into the Spotlight Hour, it may be time to spend some Pokecoins in the in-game shop to replenish your stocks.
  2. For the highest volume of spawns, you'll want to head to an area with a high population density during the event, if possible. Think cities, towns, and downtown areas, among other options, as these locations will spawn more Woobat to account for the larger number of players.
  3. Clear out some room in your Pokemon roster if you're close to max capacity. You'll be catching plenty of Woobat, and you don't want to spend too much time debating on whether to transfer each individual specimen until after the event is over. Be sure to transfer unneeded Pokemon or pick up a storage upgrade in the shop.
  4. Once the event begins, be sure to keep moving. Movement ensures that Pokemon GO refreshes the local spawns relative to your character's positioning. Even if you're sitting near a lure module on a Pokestop, circling a route while remaining in the lure's area of effect may yield higher spawns than staying stationary in most situations.

Even if Pokemon GO trainers can't accomplish every listed task before or during the Spotlight Hour event, they should be in good shape as long as they give their utmost effort. It's also wise to keep one's eyes peeled for every potential Woobat spawn for a secondary reason.

A player may never know when Woobat's shiny form might appear in the wild alongside its standard counterparts. Shiny Woobat doesn't come along too often, so this Spotlight Hour serves as an excellent opportunity to snag one.

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