How to catch Goomy in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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With Pokemon GO's upcoming Luminous Legends X event, trainers will have their first chance at catching Goomy, the Soft Tissue Pokemon.

In keeping with the event theme of the Kalos region, this Dragon-type Pokemon will be available in the wild alongside new arrivals Swirlix and Spritzee. According to the developers at Niantic, while Goomy will indeed appear in the wild in Pokemon Go, it will require "extreme luck" to encounter. If the spawn rate is indeed as low as Niantic implies, it will take diligence and a little item help for trainers to spot and catch this Pokemon in the wild.

Finding Goomy in the wild in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

While there is no confirmed way to force Goomy's appearance in Pokemon Go yet, a few items may help trainers spot the elusive Pokemon. Although these items themselves don't improve Goomy's chances of spawning, they will create situations where more Pokemon are spawned. With more spawning comes more opportunities for Pokemon Go to trigger the seemingly small percentage of spawning Goomy itself. If players wish to catch Goomy and to evolve it into its next two stages, Pokestop Lure Modules and Incense will be invaluable.

Lure Modules can be used at any Pokestop in order to attract more Pokemon to that particular spot for 30 minutes. Certain lures attract certain Pokemon types, so there are a few lures that can be omitted from use in order to catch Goomy. The lures that should be avoided are:

  • Glacial Lure
  • Magnetic Lure
  • Mossy Lure

Additionally, while the new Rainy Lure does not assist in catching Goomy, it is helpful to achieve its final evolution into Goodra.

Incense will be another key part of the spawning strategy. Incense remains active for one hour and spawns Pokemon around the trainer. If the player is stationary, one Pokemon will spawn every five minutes for the duration. This is magnified if the player is moving, in which case one Pokemon will spawn every minute or 200 meters traveled.

If possible, Lures and Incense can be used in tandem to increase the number of Pokemon spawned at one location significantly. Since both items spawn Pokemon independent of the other, their effects can be combined to great effect. Once encountered, Goomy's 40% catch rate and 9% flee rate in Pokemon Go ensure that it will give a significant number of chances to land the throw and secure the catch. Be sure to bring Razz Berries to improve its catch rate, or Pinap Berries if you're dead-set on evolving it to Sliggoo and Goodra as soon as possible.

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