How to catch Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

Mega Kangaskhan makes a debut (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mega Kangaskhan makes a debut (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Pokemon Go’s latest Mega Moment event stars Mega Kagnaskhan, which simultaneously is the Pokemon’s debut in its Mega form.

Players will have the opportunity to capture Mega Kangaskhan, provided they are up to the challenge. The Mega Kangaskhan Mega Moment event goes from April 29, 2022, until May 1, 2022.

During that time, Mega Kangaskhan will appear as an opponent during Mega Raids, though Mega Kangaskhan will appear more frequently on the last day of the event, May 1, 2022. Also, look out for Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Slowpoke, Gastly, Mareep, Buneary, and Snover.

Should players wish to own a Mega-Evolved Kangaskhan, here’s how to capture Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: How to obtain Mega Kangaskhan


To obtain a Mega Kangaskhan, players must first catch a Kangaskhan and then evolve it into Mega Kangaskhan. In Pokemon Go, Mega Kangaskhan cannot be obtained by capturing but rather through Mega Energy. There are multiple sources for Mega Energy.

  • Step 1: Locate a Mega Raid with Mega Kangaskhan.
  • Step 2: Battle and capture Kangaskhan.
  • Step 3: Collect the required amount of Kangaskhan Mega Energy needed to evolve Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan.
  • Step 4: Open Kangaskhan's profile. Select 'Mega Evolve' and confirm.

Players can choose to carry out Field Research Tasks, Raid Battles, or from Buddy Pokemon for Mega Energy in Pokemon Go. Raid Battles is a great way to obtain both Kagashkhan and Mega Energy simultaneously, especially with Kangaskhan being the star of the Mega Moment event.

However, Kangaskhan Mega Energy is only obtainable through Raid Battles at the moment.


Outside of Field Research Tasks and Raid Battles, earning Mega Energy from Buddy Pokemon is fantastic for collecting the resource over time. However, to accrue Mega Energy from a Buddy Pokemon, it has to be from the same evolutionary line of Pokemon you’ve already Mega Evolved.

For example, if you acquire a Mega Beedril, any Pokemon in that evolution will earn Mega Energy from walking.

It is important to note that it is only a temporary form when players evolve Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan. Mega Evolutions only last for eight hours. After eight hours, the Pokemon returns to its previous state.

However, they also tire from evolution and cannot Mega Evolve until the cooldown is over. Players can reduce the cooldown by spending Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, but it is not required.

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