How to catch a shiny Gastly in Pokemon GO

Gastly can usually be only caught in dark places like caves and towers (Image via Pokemon GO Hub)
Gastly can usually be only caught in dark places like caves and towers (Image via Pokemon GO Hub)

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than to hunt for some shiny Ghost-type Pokemon.

Trainers are about to have a great opportunity to catch Gastly, the Ghost-type Pokemon from the Kanto region. Generation 1 fans may remember evolving Gastly into Haunter and then having to trade it away to get the fearsome Gengar. Gastly was often found in cemeteries like the Pokemon Tower in Kanto or the Lost Tower in Sinnoh, making it a great Pokemon for the Halloween season.

How to catch shiny Gastly during Pokemon GO's Spotlight Hour


Tuesdays are Spotlight Hour days in Pokemon GO, and Gastly will be the focus of the next Spotlight Hour on October 12th, 2021. These events take place from 6-7 P.M. local time, and Gastly will have a high spawn rate during that hour.

Perhaps the best news about the event is that Gastly will be shiny. With a little bit of walking, trainers should be able to chance upon a shiny Gastly for them to catch.

The bonus for this event will be 2x catch stardust. This might make it prudent to catch many Gastly, shiny or not. No trainer can ever have too much Stardust.

Shiny Gastly changes the color of its body from black to purple. Shiny Haunter also gets a darker shade of purple, with a blue tongue. Unfortunately, shiny Gengar doesn’t change much from regular Gengar: it only sports a slightly darker hue.

Fortunately, if a trainer manages to evolve Gastly all the way to Mega Gengar, shiny Mega Gengar gets a complete revamp from its original form. It changes its body from purple all the way to white and sports gray eyes.

Speaking of Mega Gengar, now is a great time to grind up for this Mega evolution. The Raid boss for the Mega Tier is currently Gengar, and it will remain so until October 22nd. This means that not only can trainers catch a Mega Gengar of their own, but they can also grind Mega Raids to farm Mega Gengar energy.

This is going to make Gastly’s Spotlight Hour a very good event to participate in. Trainers who catch a Gastly with good IVs are going to want to try to evolve it into Mega Gengar. This Pokemon is a Raid slayer that can take down strong Raid bosses in very little time.

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