How to catch shiny Machop in Pokemon GO

Shiny Machop in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Shiny Machop in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
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Pokemon GO, much like the main series, has an assortment of shiny Pokemon for trainers to encounter and capture. This includes Machop, one of the first Fighting-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I.

Currently, trainers are enjoying the ongoing Season of GO, which has its fair share of shiny Pokemon to capture. However, there have been no announcements for shiny Machop to appear more often in the wild or in raids via events.


Regardless, it's still possible for trainers to capture this particular shiny, though it will certainly be difficult.

Players should stock up on items like Pokeballs, incense and lure modules if they want to capture this green-tinted Fighting-type for themselves.

Pokemon GO trainers will need to stick to the wild to capture shiny Machop right now

Machop and Mankey received their shiny forms approximately three years ago (Image via LiftingAndZombies/Youtube)
Machop and Mankey received their shiny forms approximately three years ago (Image via LiftingAndZombies/Youtube)

Without the assistance of a Pokemon GO event, trainers will have an uphill battle to encounter most of the shinies in the game. However, they still very much exist in the wild and in raids nonetheless.

Currently, Machop is not listed as a 1-star raid boss, meaning trainers will need to stick to the wild in order to find their quarry.

Heading to a location where Machop spawns in abundance should help the search along significantly. Players will want to maximize encounters with the small but strong Pokemon to have a good chance of finding its shiny form.

Tips for finding shiny Machop in Pokemon GO


To find shiny Machop, trainers can head to a highly-populated area such as a city or town center. More population in a given area tends to lead to more Pokemon spawning in the locale.

If players don't have access to large cities or towns, they may want to head to areas such as nature reserves or hiking trailers. Both locations can occasionally spawn more Fighting-type Pokemon than other areas, such as forests or farmlands.

Trainers should remember to keep moving. Players who remain mobile have more opportunities for spawns to refresh around them, increasing the chance that a shiny Machop may spawn into the wild.

If a Pokestop is nearby, try using a standard lure module. This item will increase the spawns around the Pokestop for some time, allowing players to capitalize on any Pokemon that appear. This won't guarantee Machop's appearance specifically, but it may enhance a Machop's appearance chance if it's placed in the right area.

Additionally, players should keep an eye on upcoming raid announcements to see if Machop will spawn as a raid boss inside Pokestops.

In addition to lure modules, trainers can also use incense to increase spawns around their player character. This operates similarly to lures but increases in effectiveness as a player moves about.

Players can also use third-party resources to find "nests" where Machop have been reported to spawn frequently, making them natural locations for roaming with incense active.

If all else fails, Pokemon GO trainers can attempt to find a trainer who possesses a shiny Machop and strike up a trade. Shiny Pokemon, like legendaries, aren't cheap to trade, but if a player is dead-set on acquiring shiny Machop, then it's a viable option all the same.

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