How to catch Spritzee in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Pokemon GO's newest event announcement has its roots in the Kalos region.

Niantic has announced the Luminous Legends X event running from May fourth to the 17th. Along with bringing the legendary Pokemon Xerneas in as a raid boss, the event will implement Dragon and Fairy-type Pokemon local to Kalos. Among them is Spritzee, the Perfume Pokemon. Since it is being introduced during Luminous Legends, players will have abundant opportunities to encounter and catch Spritzee and evolve it into its second stage, Aromatisse.

Niantic has made Spritzee one of the focal Pokemon of the event, and there are many ways to ensure that this little Fairy-type isn't missed out on.

Catching Spritzee in Pokemon GO


With a capture rate of 20%, Spritzee will prove trickier than most rank-and-file Pokemon to catch. With the right approach, however, players can still effectively add it to their roster. With so many ways for it to appear, trainers won't need to worry much about spotting Spritzee.

  • Thanks to Niantic's promotion for the event, Spritzee will appear more often in the wild alongside other Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Event-exclusive Timed Research goals will reward trainers with encountering Spritzee, as well as Pokemon like Swirlix and Goomy.
  • Spritzee will additionally hatch from 7km eggs.
  • Traditional Field Research completion will result in the appearance of Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokemon, including Spritzee.

Once encountered in the wild, Spritzee's lower catch rate can be handily increased by simple methods. With a CP ceiling of 1415, using an Ultra Ball may be preferred depending on the CP the Pokemon is encountered at. Feeding the Pokemon Razz Berries provides a 1.5x improvement in catch rate, and hitting it on-target with a curveball boosts that total even further. Fortunately for trainers, Spritzee is very unlikely to flee from the encounter, as its 10% flee rate allows for multiple throw attempts. Although the Pokemon's size may make hitting great or excellent throws difficult, they are by no means necessary to secure the catch.

With Spritzee's capture ensured, Pokemon GO trainers will be one step closer to completing their Pokedexes. But Spritzee is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to the Luminous Legends event. Be sure to use a Lucky Egg or two if possible, as the increased XP gain is invaluable. Goomy, Swirlix, and raid boss Xerneas are also waiting on the horizon, and there is much more to be done.

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