How to get Wingull in Pokemon GO and can it be Shiny?

How trainers get Wingull in Pokemon GO and can they get Shiny Wingull
Wingull as seen in Pokemon GO. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

There are multiple approaches you can take if you wish to get Wingull in Pokemon GO. While the standard form debuted during the Hoenn Celebration event in 2018, the Shiny one was made available at the Safari Zone event in the same year. Both of them are Flying- and Water-type Pokemon and can evolve into regular and Shiny Pelipper.

Wingull first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire mainline games. In them, players can spot the bird-like creature in multiple wild locations. That said, here’s how you can own Wingull and Shiny Wingull in Pokemon GO.

How can trainers get Wingull in Pokemon GO

Wingulls, as seen in the anime. (Image via TPC)
Wingulls, as seen in the anime. (Image via TPC)

Trainers should know that they can pick any of the given methods below to obtain Wingull in Pokemon GO. It can be found in the wild, from Pokemon eggs, and more. However, notably, completing this feat is challenging.

  • Encounter and catch in the wild
  • Hatch Pokemon Eggs
  • Win GO Battle League (GBL)
  • Win Wingull raids
  • Complete Research Tasks

1) Encounter and catch in the wild

Wingull has been making an appearance in the game world since Feb 2018. Many trainers prefer to take this approach over others because Niantic mainly features the Flying type Pokemon as wild spawns. It has emerged this way in multiple events from the past, such as the recent Flock Together event day. In that event, there was a chance to get a Shiny variant of Wingull in Pokemon GO.

To find a wild Pokemon in the overworld, you can take advantage of items like Lure Modules and Incense. These activate the effect that boosts the spawn rate of a creature. So, with them, you can also increase wild Wingull spawns. Lastly, the Weather Boost effect also improves its rate of spawning if you are located in the Raid and Windy weather conditions.

2) Hatch Pokemon Eggs

The second way to get Wingull in Pokemon GO is to hatch Eggs. The more items you hatch, the higher your possibility of obtaining the Seagull Pokemon. However, you should only pop 2 KM and 5 KM Eggs if you are looking for the creature in Eggs. In some events held by Niantic, the chance of encountering a Shiny Wingull from Eggs is slightly high.

3) Win GO Battle League

Win GO Battle League (Image via TPC)
Win GO Battle League (Image via TPC)

When one wins matches in the GO Battle League, the league rewards trainers with various items and Pokemon encounters. So, there is an opportunity to get your hands on Wingull in Pokemon GO from GBL.

4) Beat Wingull raids

Wingull has appeared in Raids as a one-star boss, meaning it can come back to this PvE platform again. If it does, you can use Electric and Rock-type attacks to counter it. Notably, Electric-type moves inflict more damage to Wingull because it is extremely weak to them. You can solo defeat Wingull easily.

5) Complete Research tasks

You can complete quests to earn encounters with Wingull in the game. Players were able to add this Pokemon to their collection by finishing Field, Special, and Timed Research tasks.

How to get Shiny Wingull in Pokemon GO

Shiny Wingull (Image via TPC)
Shiny Wingull (Image via TPC)

A Shiny Wingull can be obtained in Pokemon GO by catching it in the wild, beating Raids, completing Research quests, winning the GO Battle League (GBL) matches, and hatching 2 KM and 5 KM eggs. However, trainers are more likely to encounter the Standard Wingull over the Shiny one.

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