How to level up Pokémon quickly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Alpha Pokemon reward plenty of experience (Image via Game Freak)
Alpha Pokemon reward plenty of experience (Image via Game Freak)

Whether it is gearing up for the next trainer battle or evolving Pokemon, leveling up is still an integral mechanic in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It’s a common trait for RPGs these days to have at least a small amount of an XP grind when it comes to progression. Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t any different. In order to face new fights and encounter new Pokemon to catch and evolve, leveling up is necessary.

However, doing so in the quickest way possible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is ideal. Here’s what you can do to level up in the most efficient ways.

How to quickly level up Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


There are multiple ways players can earn experience in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, each granting varying amounts of XP. To be specific, there are four options available to players:

  • Battling Pokemon and trainers
  • Catching Pokemon
  • Items
  • Collecting resources

The most efficient strategy is to use multiple methods at once. Since on-demand trainer battles don’t happen until later in the game, battling and catching Pokemon are the most effective methods for most of the game. Players should know that battling Pokemon awards more XP than catching them.


The most consistent option is battling Alpha Pokemon. These supersized Pokemon grant incredible amounts of experience ranging in the thousands (twice as much for Pokemon that participate in the fight).

Alpha Pokemon also drop EXP candies as a reward. Give these to your Pokemon and they’ll gain large amounts of experience. Trainers who are still new to their journey can locate Pokemon late in their evolutionary stages.

For example, battling a level 20 Beautifly will grant nearly 1,000 experience points to the participating Pokemon. And since they spawn at Floaro Gardens, near the very first camp, trainers can quickly rest and even collect resources along the way.

Battle trainers at the Training Grounds


In the late game stages, the arguably best option for quickly leveling up Pokemon is at the Training Grounds. After the mission “Scaling Perilous Heights,” an NPC named Ingo will appear at the Training Grounds. Speak with him to start battles with Galaxy Team members.

It’s essential to bring your best team to the fight. The Pokemon you’ll be battling will range from 55 and 68, depending on who you choose. Ingo is the toughest amongst them and poses a decent challenge.

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