How many Pokemon are currently in Pokemon GO? (October 2021)

Even legendaries have found their way in to Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Even legendaries have found their way in to Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Shane Foley

Everybody knows the goal of Pokemon is to catch em’ all, but in Pokemon much is “em’ all?”

Over the years, the number of Pokemon in existence has grown at a steep rate. Old-timers remember when there were only 150 of these pocket monsters. With Generation VIII having been released, however, that number has skyrocketed upwards. Pokemon GO is still trying to catch up with this huge amount, however.

Counting the full number of Pokemon that have been added so far

Counting all of the Pokemon in the phone app may seem like a complicated task, but it actually is pretty straightforward. As of now, every Pokemon up to Generation V has been put into the game. They have also dipped into Generation VI through VIII. With this information, it’s possible to get to an exact number.

The first step to this process is finding out every Pokemon from Generations I through V. Those are as follows:

  • Generation I: 151
  • Generation II: 100
  • Generation III: 135
  • Generation IV: 107
  • Generation V: 156

All together, that is a sum of 649. From there, the small amount of Generation VI Pokemon can be added to the list. Several Generation VI Pokemon have been introduced into the game, with Furfrou being the most recent addition. With Furfrou, 72 Generation VI Pokemon have been introduced into the game.

That brings the grand total to 721. From there, the next logical step would be to count the Galarian Pokemon that have joined the game since Zamazenta’s and Zacian’s event (Ultra Unlock part three). 12 Pokemon from Generation VIII have been added to the game since then.

That pushes up the sum to 733. That still, however, hasn’t covered everything. There are some Alolan variants in the game due to 7 km eggs. These eggs hatch regional variants, some of which are from Alola. There are 18 of these Pokemon.

When added up, that comes out to 751. That covers every Generation of Pokemon that are in the app. This is close to being done, but it still leaves out two Pokemon forgotten on this list: Meltan and Melmetal.

With those inclusions, the grand total of Pokemon in GO is 753.

Edited by R. Elahi

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