How to get 7km eggs in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Any Pokemon GO players who are dedicated to catching them all might want to try and acquire 7km eggs, since they hatch some pretty unique Pokemon.

Eggs have been a mainstay in Pokemon since Generation II, where Game Freak implemented Egg moves and breeding. In Pokemon GO, though, they added a new spin on the concept with the walking distances.

Generally, the longer a trainer needs to walk to hatch an egg, the more rare that Pokemon will be. 7km eggs in particular, though, always hatch regional variants. Here’s how trainers can get a hold of them.

The only method to getting 7km eggs in Pokemon GO


As of now, the only way trainers can get 7km eggs is by accepting gifts from friends. Trainers who are looking for 7km eggs should remember to keep an egg slot open; if all 9 slots are filled, no 7km eggs will come from gifts.

While the 7km eggs are great, gift sharing is a good habit to do regularly anyways. Raising the friends status with a buddy in Pokemon GO is a great way to access special bonuses, including the chance to receive lucky trades. Trainers can also gain XP from sharing gifts with friends.

The 7km eggs exclusively hatch Pokemon that are regional variants. As of Generation VIII, there are two regions that have variants: Alola and Galar. These are the specific Pokemon that can be hatched with 7km eggs:

  • Alolan Sandshrew
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Alolan Diglett
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Alolan Geodude
  • Galarian Meowth
  • Galarian Farfetch’d
  • Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Galarian Darumaka
  • Galarian Stunfisk

This pool of Pokemon actually has a couple of great options that trainers are going to want to look for. The largest among them is Galarian Stunfisk, a pillar in the Great League at the moment. Galarian Stunfisk has a phenomenal typing, with good Defense and a hard-hitting movepool to back it up.

Galarian Darumaka is another Pokemon that trainers might want to keep an eye out for if they’re looking to improve in PvP modes and raids. When it evolves, Galarian Darmanitan gets a huge 263 base Attack stat.

Another interesting Ice-type that could be useful is Alolan Vulpix. It’s evolution, Alolan Ninetails, gets access to Charm. Dazzling Gleam and Ice Beam or Weather Ball can be a nice charge move combination as well, even though Alolan Ninetails’ 170 Attack stat won't be doing too much damage to opponents.

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