How to redeem codes in Pokemon GO

Android users can redeem codes in the shop (Image via Niantic)
Android users can redeem codes in the shop (Image via Niantic)
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Just like in Roblox, promo codes are a great way for Pokemon GO players to stack up on rewards.

In a game as tight on resources as Pokemon GO, it’s always good for players to grab as many items as they can. While most of the codes are for items of a promotional nature, oftentimes trainers can get berries and PokeBalls from them as well.

In order to get these items, though, trainers will have to know where to redeem the codes.

Methods for redeeming Pokemon GO codes for Android and Iphone


Oddly, there are two ways of redeeming codes in Pokemon GO. One method is for Android users, while another is for Iphone owners.

The way Android users redeem these codes is definitely a simpler one. All trainers need to do is head to the shop and scroll down. Once they reach the bottom, they should see a banner that says Promos. Beneath that is a bar where players can type in codes and redeem their gifts.

Iphone users, sadly, need to go through a couple extra steps. If they scroll down to the bottom of the shop page, they won’t find any banner that says Promos. Instead, they have to go to a web browser and input them online.

Specifically, Iphone users will want to head to the Niantic Offer Redemption website. They can sign in with Google, Facebook or Niantic Kids. From there, they can type in their promo codes. Later on, they will get confirmation that the items have been added to their inventory.

PokeBalls are often code rewards in Pokemon GO (Image via Game Freak)
PokeBalls are often code rewards in Pokemon GO (Image via Game Freak)

Fortunately, there are a couple of active codes right now. The codes are as follows:

  • VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X - Ed Sheeran Sweatshirt
  • E9K4SY77F5623 - Ten PokeBalls
  • KUAXZBJUTP3B7 - Samsung Cap and Shirt
  • LRQEV2VZ59UDA - Verizon Jacket and Mask

The Ed Sheeran Sweatshirt is actually promoting a special ongoing event. Pokemon GO is collaborating with the English singer, whose new album = is soon to drop.

Ed Sheeran held a performance through the app on 22 November 2021 for this event. He is also a fan of Water-type starters, so Pokemon like Totodile and Mudkip are spawning in the wild.

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