How to catch a shiny Slowpoke in Pokemon GO

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Pokemon GO is celebrating a new event dedicated to the Slow family, and it looks like trainers are going to have a great shot at catching shiny Slowpoke.

Slowpoke has been the subject of much interest recently. Not only is it usually popular as one of the original 150, but it received a new Galarian form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Slowpoke is the centerpiece of the Very Slow Discovery event and, fortunately, both Slowpokes from Galar and Kanto will be available during this.

Here's how trainers can find shiny Slowpoke.

When is the best time to go shiny hunting for Slowpoke in Pokemon GO?


As part of the Very Slow Discovery event, Slowpoke will be seen more frequently in the wild, and its shiny will be out there too. Getting a good amount of walking in should lead to a good amount of Slowpoke encounters, so it shouldn’t be too long before any trainer can come across shiny Slowpoke.

Generation I fans are going to be really happy with this event, since Kanto Pokemon Psyduck and Grimer will also have increased spawns in the wild. Several Pokemon from Generation III (Slakoth, Vigoroth, Gulpin, and Spoink) will also be seen more often.

While the increased spawn rate does help, not everybody will have the time to walk around and grind Slowpoke encounters until they find a shiny. In that case, they may want to wait a week for a better chance at getting shiny Slowpoke.

On June 15th, Slowpoke will be the subject of its own Spotlight Hour. This is a much better time to go Slowpoke shiny hunting, since the spawn rate is so enormously high during that time. The reward during that hour is double transfer candy, so it will also be a good time to get some trades going too.

Pokemon GO players who like Slowbro are in luck, because all it takes for Slowpoke to evolve into Slowbro is 50 candy. Slowking, however, is a bit more difficult to get. The player needs to obtain the King’s Rock item as well as the 50 candy to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking. Fortunately, though, Slowking is featured as a three-star Raid boss during the Very Slow Discovery event, so it won’t be hard to find.

While Generation I fans will certainly be pleased with this event, newer fans might be wondering about Galarian Slowpoke. Well, that will be available too, as a one-star Raid boss as well as a reward for field research. As of now though, it can only be evolved into Galarian Slowbro. Galarian Slowking is taking some time getting into Pokemon GO.

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