Is Finneon's evolution, Lumineon, worth using in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Since the Pokemon Finneon will be featured in a Spotlight Hour on April 27th, many might be wondering how strong Lumineon is.

This might be a long shot, since Lumineon was never much to write home about in the main series games. Introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Lumineon was a fairly common Pokemon. Finneon could be caught with a Good Rod in many lakes and cities in the game. It certainly, though, couldn’t compare to other Water-type Pokemon like Emploeon, Gyarados or Gastrodon.

Will its Pokemon GO version be any better though?

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Is Finneon's evolution, Lumineon, worth using in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The short answer is: no. Lumineon's stats are so low that it is questionable if it would be viable in Great League PvP, let alone Ultra League. Absolutely none of its stats are above 200. It’s more defensively oriented, but that’s with 170 Defense and Stamina. There are certainly a bunch of better options for defensive Pokemon.

Not only are its stats disappointing, but so are its moves. Its strongest charge move is Blizzard, which actually is the tenth strongest charge move in the game. Since Lumineon is solely a Water-type, though, it won’t get a STAB boost from the move. This would make Lumineon one of the worst Blizzard users, since the move does more DPS from Pokemon like Regice, Lapras and Articuno.

Lumineon also has really poor options for a secondary charge move. Water Pulse would do the most DPS, but that’s still at 70 power. It’s unfortunate that Lumineon didn’t receive Hydro Pump or Surf, as that might have improved its viability. The other option is Silver Wind, which will really struggle to do damage.

The final reason why it’s hard to justify using Lumineon is that there are simply way too many other Water-types that outclass it. Any trainer that has a Shadow Swampert, Mega Blastoise or Mega Gyarados has no reason to use Lumineon.

Although it may have its shortcomings, that doesn’t mean Lumineon isn’t a good Pokemon to have. Any trainer that has fond memories of Generation IV will enjoy having Lumineon. There certainly is a lot of Diamond and Pearl nostalgia going around since Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are upcoming releases.

Lumineon will be a fun collectible, but won’t do well in PvP, Raids, or any battling for that matter.

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