Pokemon GO's new loading screen hints at possible Flabebe arrival

Various forms of Flabebe as they appear in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Various forms of Flabebe as they appear in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lukus Herblet

Pokemon GO just updated their loading screen to commemorate the conclusion of 2021 and to welcome the new year with their New Year Celebration event. This simple loading screen update has Pokemon GO players speculating that two Pokemon are going to debut in the near future: Helioptile and Flabebe.

With Pokemon originating from the Kalos region slowly making their way into Pokemon GO, the idea that these will be the first Pokemon to be added in 2022 is not an unreasonable speculation. Niantic has done this most recently with the mythical Pokemon, Hoopa.

When might Flabebe arrive in Pokemon GO?


This is the question many players have been asking since they first saw the new loading screen. With no new updates from Niantic themselves, fans are left to speculate when these new Pokemon will be arriving in Pokemon GO.

Due to the nature of Flabebe being a Fairy-type Pokemon that clings to a flower, it would not be hard to believe if Niantic intends on adding Flabebe to Pokemon GO in the spring season. This would mean players could expect to see it appear around March or April.

They could also choose to add Flabebe in Pokemon GO during some sort of Spring-related event.

Following the naming theme of various seasons and events that Pokemon GO has been releasing, there could be another season added to follow up the current Season of Heritage. Perhaps Niantic intends on adding Flabebe in a possible future Season of Flowers or Season of Peace, which would increase the likelihood of finding Fairy-type Pokemon. The past Season of Mischief also introduced Pokemon GO players to Hoopa, who fit in with the theme of the season.

While trainers are yet to receive news on the addition of Flabebe in Pokemon GO, due to it only appearing recently, this has not stopped players from speculating. Players are at the edge of their seats waiting to hear from Niantic about when they intend on officially adding these teased Pokemon to the game.

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