Is Mandibuzz worth using in Pokemon GO?

Mandibuzz is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon (Image via Niantic)
Mandibuzz is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon (Image via Niantic)

Mandibuzz, a Generation V Dark/Flying-type Pokemon, has spent quite some time in Pokemon GO and has considerable upside in battle.

Boasting particularly high maximum defense and stamina stats, Mandibuzz can be somewhat compared to the Dark-type Eevee-lution, Umbreon.


For the most part, Mandibuzz possesses moves that are either Dark or Flying-type. This gives it a damage benefit from Same Type Attack Bonuses (STAB) from matching its types to its moves.

However, Mandibuzz can also learn Shadow Ball, a popular Ghost-type move that sees a lot of use in both PvE and PvP battles in Pokemon GO. Best of all, its typing and stats make it an excellent counter for many PvP meta picks.

Pokemon GO: Mandibuzz's efficacy in PvP

Mandibuzz as it appears in the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mandibuzz as it appears in the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Since Mandibuzz has considerable bulkiness between its health and defense, it has a great amount of upside in Pokemon GO's PvP leagues like Great and Ultra League.

Its Flying typing gives it an advantage over many popular Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon. Meanwhile, its Dark typing gives it the ability to go toe-to-toe with famous meta picks in PvP like Giratina.

Moves like Snarl and Foul Play make it a Dark-type menace. Charge Moves like Aerial Ace allow it to hold its own as a Flying-type fighter as well.

In the Great League, Mandibuzz plays well against meta picks like Trevenant, Jellicent, Swampert, Sableye, and Skarmory. It doesn't necessarily have type advantages against all these Pokemon. However, these Pokemon are popular meta picks that are seen often enough that they can be used as a reliable standard for measuring Mandibuzz's capabilities within the league.


Mandibuzz may not have the best damage output in Pokemon GO, but its defensive capabilities allow it to win many battles of attrition. It can take a significant amount of punishment before fainting, and its durability only increases as trainers power it up with candies.

However, trainers should be wary of Ice and Rock-type Pokemon, which can hammer away at Mandibuzz. Despite Mandibuzz's impressive tankiness, very few Pokemon have the ability to take super effective damage for long.

Considering Rock-types like Rampardos and Ice-types like Regice are seen in PvP leagues, players using Mandibuzz will need to be careful. That extra Flying-type ability gives it extra weaknesses over Umbreon.

Regardless, Mandibuzz is still worth investing in if trainers have the Stardust and candies to power it up significantly.

Naturally, keeping Mandibuzz at very high stats and CP will see its ultimate potential realized. However, trainers can still get by pretty well with an imperfect Mandibuzz.