Why Shiny Stunky is unlikely to appear in Pokemon GO

Stunky's official artwork used throughout the franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company/Niantic)
Stunky's official artwork used throughout the franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company/Niantic)

Stunky has been announced to be the spotlight Pokemon for Pokemon GO's first Spotlight Hour for April 2022. With this sudden news, many players may be wondering if it is possible to find Stunky in its rare shiny variant during this event. Many players' participation rides on whether or not the shiny variant is present.

Shiny Pokemon have been a topic of interest among Pokemon fans since the second generation of the franchise. Given their rarity, these variants of Pokemon have been given extraordinary value. With the notoriety of these kinds of Pokemon, they have appeared in every aspect of Pokemon media.

With events such as Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO, many players may not choose to participate if a Pokemon's shiny variant is not present. Due to the event's short time limit, paired with the limited spawns of the spotlight Pokemon, players may not think that the event is worth it if they cannot catch a Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Stunky in Pokemon GO: Fact or Fiction?

Stunky as it appears in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/GosuNoob)
Stunky as it appears in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/GosuNoob)

Unfortunately, as of writing, Stunky still cannot appear in its shiny variant in Pokemon GO. This is an unusual case as Stunky has been in the game for a long time. Typically, a Pokemon's shiny variant is usually saved for a future event or Community Day. What might be the reason for Shiny Stunky's absence?

It is unlikely that Stunky will be having a Community Day anytime soon. This is due to the Season of Alola being the main focus of Niantic, the game's developer. With April 2022's Community debut being Stufful, a Pokemon not even in the game until the event and the one that has the Community Day spot, it is unlikely that Stunky's event will be arriving in the game.

The more likely case for Shiny Stunky's potential appearance is an event that may revolve around the Hisui region. In the newest Pokemon games, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Stunky and Skuntank can be found wandering around various locations. Skuntank is also the ace Pokemon of Warden Melli in this game.


While it is unlikely that Stunky's Community Day event will happen any time soon, this does not mean that it will never happen. Shinx was the Pokemon of interest for November 2021's Community Day. Shinx did not have much fame aside from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releasing in the same month.

This means that while Stunky's potential Community Day event is unforeseen, it still might happen at some point. It is unlikely for Stunky's shiny variant to appear in the entirety of the Season of Alola event as Stunky has no relevancy to the region nor has it made an appearance in the region's coinciding games.

While it is unfortunate that Shiny Stunky is still unobtainable in Pokemon GO, this does not mean players should give up hope. Players can still participate in the Spotlight Hour event as it is a great way to get candies as the amount of candies rewarded for catching Pokemon is doubled for this event.