Can Tranquill be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Tranquill as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Tranquill as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

With the new Season of Alola event in Pokemon GO, every region's early-game bird Pokemon is finally available to be caught. With all the options finally here, many players are taking the time to show their appreciation for some of the more underrated bird Pokemon.

Enter Tranquill, the Unova region's early bird.

A lot of players overlook Tranquill as it is part of the awkward middle-stage of the evolutionary line. On top of that, the Pokemon community seems to agree that the Tranquill line was overall pretty underwhelming, with all the options for Fly-users Pokemon Black and White has to offer.

However, this has not stopped dedicated Tranquill enjoyers from showing their appreciation for their favorite bird. These Tranquill fans may want to know if they can catch their favorite Pokemon in its rare shiny variant. Due to Niantic's reluctancy to release certain Shiny Pokemon, this is an understandable question.

Shiny Tranquill in Pokemon GO: Fact or Fiction?

Shiny Pidove, Tranquill, and Unfezant as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shiny Pidove, Tranquill, and Unfezant as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Luckily for the Shiny Hunting community, Shiny Tranquill can be caught in Pokemon GO. While it is entirely possible to catch them, trying to find a Shiny Pokemon can often be a horribly time-consuming challenge.

Shiny Pokemon gain value from their rarity, so it is fitting that these variants of Pokemon will be hard to come by.

While there is no way to directly increase the odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon outside of Community Days, it is possible to shorten the grind. Using items that increase the general spawn rate of Pokemon around the player can help decrease the time it takes for Shiny Pokemon to spawn.

The Incense item can be bought from Pokemon GO's in-game store or found in Pokestops. When using this item, it will attach itself to the player and increase the spawn rate of wild Pokemon around the player. Pokemon spawned by the Incense can only be seen by the player using the Incense.


The Lure Module item works similar to the Incense in Pokemon GO. Lure Modules can be found in Pokestops or bought from the in-game store using Pokecoins. Unlike Incense, Lure Modules can only be attached to Pokestops and Gyms. Pokemon spawned by the Lure Module can be seen by all players.

While using these items in tandem, the player can maximize the spawn rates for wild Pokemon in a specific area. When looking specifically for Tranquill, players should also take advantage of the game's weather mechanics.

Flying-type Pokemon like Tranquill can be found more often on windy days.

To summarize, Tranquill's shiny variant can be found in Pokemon GO. Using items to boost general spawn rates like Incense and Lure Modules can help players immensely.

Players looking for Shiny Tranquill should also wait for a windy day in their area, as windy days boost the spawn rate of Flying-type Pokemon.