Is Pokemon Unite doing anything for Halloween?

Blastoise recently got new Holo Wear (Image via TiMi Studios)
Blastoise recently got new Holo Wear (Image via TiMi Studios)

All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, and it looks like Pokemon Unite is getting in the spirit of the season.

Plenty of changes have recently come to this Pokemon-infused MOBA. Sylveon was released (and immediately nerfed), mobile players have come to the game, and Mamoswine has also been a welcome new addition. Due to recent leaks, though, it looks like new cosmetics and potential Pokemon are coming in the near future.

New Halloween outfits coming to Pokemon Unite


The first change in Pokemon Unite, which anyone who plays with the sound on has likely already noticed, is that the menu theme is different. New spooky music can be heard in the background when players load into Pokemon Unite.

While it’s unsure if it connects to Halloween or not, Blastoise also got a new costume. The Water Pokemon’s new Holowear takes the form of a FireFighter suit, which is perfect for a Pokemon with two hydro cannons on its shoulders.

Outside of the changes already made, it looks like some other special Halloween bonuses are coming to Pokemon Unite. These bonuses have been datamined by both Chowz and SpookEevee on Twitter.

New costumes are likely to be available in the Pokemon Unite shop soon. These costumes include a Halloween-themed set, a fighter uniform, and a new Hawaiian shirt.

Pokémon UNITE 1.2.1 Leaks/DataminePumpkin Pikachu HatAm I pretty? uwu#PokemonUNITE

Speaking of leaks, there has been more from Eclipse’s Twitter Account. Eclipse has already established a history of making pretty accurate leaks, although data mining info is always subject to change.

According to these leaks, Greedent will be added to the roster. This was datamined previously. Also, Thievul and Nicket will become mob Pokemon. Finally, the Decidueye line from the Alola region is allegedly coming to Pokemon Unite.

Seeing as Thievul and Nicket are already being slated as mob Pokemon, this may hint at a new quick game map. The other three quick game maps (Shivre City, Auroma Park, and Mer Stadium) all have themes to their design. With Halloween coming up, there may be a spooky-themed map on its way in Pokemon Unite.

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