Can Alolan Meowth be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Alolan Meowth is Dark-type instead of Normal-type (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Alolan Meowth is Dark-type instead of Normal-type (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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The next Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO is approaching, and it looks like trainers can get a hold of an Alolan form.

The entire concept of regional forms was invented in Generation VII. Rather than only focusing on new additions, Game Freak took several older Pokemon and transformed them, giving them different types and move pools. Among these were the feline Pokemon Meowth, and trainers will be able to catch it during the upcoming Spotlight hour. Alolan Meowth's shiny form will also be made available.

Alolan Meowth's Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO


The official date and time for Alolan Meowth’s Spotlight Hour will be September 28 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time. During this time, Alolan Meowth will have a higher spawn rate, as is the case with other Spotlight Hours. The most fortunate news, however, is that its shiny will be available.

Alolan Meowth’s shiny sprite is impossible to miss. It swaps the dark purple tone for a rather intense blue.

Other than the high spawn rate for Alolan Meowth, the Spotlight Hour will also give players a bonus in the form of 2x transfer candy. This should encourage trainers to trade with their friends.

Trading Pokemon has many benefits in Pokemon GO. The transfer will raise the friend status of any trainer and the partner that they trade with. Raising a friend status to Great Friend, Ultra Friend and Best Friend can give both players a bundle of rewards, including loads of XP. Trading with a Best Friend also increases the chances of a lucky trade occurring.

The notable difference between Meowth and its Alolan Form is that it switched from being a Normal-type to a Dark-type. This was a natural change, since Meowth already learns several Dark moves like Bite and Feint Attack.

As great of a Pokemon as Meowth is to have, it likely won’t be relevant in PvP or Raids. It’s evolution, Alolan Persian, has one of the most mediocre statlines in the game. This is a shame since it does get nice moves like Play Rough and Foul Play.

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