Can you catch shiny Hoopa in Pokemon GO?

Hoopa is known as the Pokemon of Mischief (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Hoopa is known as the Pokemon of Mischief (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A shiny Hoopa might be one of the rarest and most valuable finds in Pokemon GO if a trainer could get a hold of it.

Hoopa is a Mythical Pokemon from Generation VI with many unique features. It was the first Pokemon with Psychic and Ghost typing, multiple forms, its movie, etc. In terms of Pokemon GO, it is also the centerpiece of the Season of Mischief, which will be running until December.

Can trainers catch the shiny version of this mythical Pokemon?


As of now, shiny Hoopa is not in Pokemon GO. Only the regular Hoopa sprite can be found.

This is normal considering the precedent that Niantic has established with both legendaries and mythicals. When they are released, they don’t have their shiny form available. Later on, there is usually an event (likely a five-star raid) where the shiny version of the legendary or mythical can be encountered.

It is unclear as to when the shiny Hoopa will be released, but a likely date could be this December. Since the event is running for another four months, and it is centered around Hoopa, it’s reasonable to guess that another Hoopa-related event will close out the Season of Mischief.

Another possibility, though, is that Hoopa Unbound gets released at the end of the year. This is an alternate version of Hoopa that was released in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

In the Generation III remakes, a new item was introduced called the Prism Bottle. This item can be acquired at a Mart in Mauville City. If a trainer has Hoopa in their party, they can give this item to Hoopa, and it will transform into Hoopa Unbound.

The interesting thing about Hoopa Unbound is that it gets a major power buff from Hoopa Confined. Both its Attack and Special Attack are over 150 in the main series games. If added into Pokemon GO, it would likely see a similar buff.

Hopefully, many trainers were able to at least catch Hoopa Confined during the Hoopa’s Arrival Special Research. This event introduced Hoopa and saw multiple Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon be attracted to incense.

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