Pokemon GO: All Pokemon hatching from eggs in Season of Mischief

Hoopa will be responsible for the strange occurances during the Season of Mischief (Image via Niantic)
Hoopa will be responsible for the strange occurances during the Season of Mischief (Image via Niantic)

Several new Pokemon will be hatching from eggs in the upcoming Season of Mischief in Pokemon GO.

In this new season, the appearance of Hoopa is causing several odd things to happen, including more Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokemon spawning. This season will last until December, and it may end with Hoopa itself becoming available through raids. Trainers will have many opportunities to catch many new Pokemon, including through hatching eggs.

Season of Mischief brings new Pokemon to catch through eggs


2 km eggs will be green in color, and the Pokemon hatching from them will be as follows:

  • Nidoran (Male)
  • Nidoran (Female)
  • Barboach
  • Drifloon

As usual, the Pokemon spawning from 2 km eggs aren’t the strongest. The Nidorans, however, can evolve into Nidoking and Nidoqueen, each powerful in their own right.

From 5 km eggs, which are orange in color, the following Pokemon will spawn:

  • Seel
  • Pineco
  • Sableye
  • Chingling

Trainers might be interested in Chingling since it, as well as its evolution Chimeco, will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

There are only two confirmed Pokemon that will be hatching from 10 km eggs. Those Pokemon will be Audino and Mienshao. The former can be a decent option for a gym defense team, since Audino gets 230 base Stamina. It can be a nice tanky Normal-type for any trainers without a Blissey or Snorlax.

In addition to these, several other Pokemon will be hatching from eggs that are earned through Adventure Sync rewards. Compared to the ones from normal eggs, these Pokemon are quite superior in terms of performance in raids and PvP.

The Pokemon from this category that hatch from 5 km eggs are as follows:

  • Bastiodon
  • Cranidos
  • Frillish

While Frillish can evolve into Jellicent, a decent bulky Water-type, Cranidos might be the premier pick of this group. Since it’s Attack stat is so high, it can easily wipe out Fire Pokemon like Ho-oh and Charizard.

The Pokemon that hatch from 10 km eggs that come as Adventure Sync rewards are as follows:

  • Riolu
  • Deino
  • Noibat

All three of these Pokemon evolve into damage dealing machines. Riolu evolves into Lucario, one of the best Fighting-types around. Deino evolves into Hydreigon, a Pokemon with a slightly lackluster moveset but a high 256 Attack. Noivern, Noibat’s evolution, isn’t as strong as Hydreigon, but it gets Draco Meteor as a trade off.

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