Why Phantump cannot be shiny in Pokemon GO

Phantump's natural habitat is the woods in Kalos (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Phantump's natural habitat is the woods in Kalos (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Phantump’s arrival in Pokemon GO has many trainers wondering if they can catch its shiny form. However, that won't be the case as Niantic doesn't release a Pokemon's shiny form during its introductory phase.

Phantump joins Pumpkaboo as two Grass and Ghost Pokemon from Generation VI to make their Pokemon GO debuts. They are both included in part two of Halloween Mischief, titled Ghoulish Pals. This event will be a great opportunity to catch Ghost Pokemon in general, with Phantump being among them.

Generation VI Pokemon making debut in Halloween Event


Phantump will be appearing in the wild during Ghoulish Pals, which will last until Halloween evening. The shiny form, however, will not be available. The same goes for Pumpkaboo, who will also be appearing in the wild for this event.

Unfortunately, it is customary for Niantic not to release the shiny version of a Pokemon when it’s first introduced into the game. Instead, they wait for another occasion to introduce this form, whether that be a Spotlight Hour, Community Day, or other special event.

The same thing happened to Inkay and Malamar, two other Generation VI Pokemon that recently were introduced into the game. Their shiny forms are still not available.

That being said, there are still plenty of shiny forms that hunters can go after during Ghoulish Pals. The full list of Pokemon that can be shiny during this event is as follows:

  • Pikachu (Pumpkin Head version)
  • Murkrow
  • Misdreavaus
  • Shuppet
  • Piplup
  • Yamask

In addition to these, shiny Spinarak will be available through hatching 7km eggs. Several Raid bosses have a chance to be shiny as well, including Alolan Marowak and Drifblim. Incredibly lucky trainers can even encounter shiny Darkrai and shiny Mega Absol.

The bonuses that trainers can take advantage of during Ghoulish Pals are the same that were offered during part one of the event, entitled Creepy Companions. These bonuses include double Catch Candy, double Transfer Candy, double Hatch Candy, and guaranteed candy when walking with a buddy.

Given the extra candy, trainers should be able to evolve Phantump into Trevenant easily. They can also trade for a Phantump, though, to get a free evolution.

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