Pokemon GO: Inkay and Malamar to make their debut this September

Inkay gets access to Psychic moves like Psycho Cut and Hypnosis (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Inkay gets access to Psychic moves like Psycho Cut and Hypnosis (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO looks set to continue its release of Generation VI Pokemon with the introduction of Inkay and Malamar in the upcoming Psychic Spectacular event.

The duo made history in their debut generation as the first Pokemon that were both Psychic-type and Dark-type. They could be found close to aquatic areas like Azure Bay in Kalos or Melemele Island in Alola.

Inkay and Malamar will be spawning along with several other Psychic-types, which might be a result of Hoopa’s antics in the Season of Mischief.

Inkay to join other Psychic Pokemon in the wild


Fortunately, there will be several ways for trainers to catch Inkay through the Psychic Spectacular event. Not only will the Pokemon be available in the wild, but it will also be a tier 1 raid boss. In addition, completing field research could lead to an encounter with Inkay as well.

The Psychic Spectacular event will begin on Wednesday, September 8. It will end on Monday, September 13.

One interesting thing that the announcement from Pokemon GO hinted at was Inkay's peculiar evolution. It is supposed to be based on Inkay's evolution method in Pokemon X and Y.

In those games, evolving into Malamar was a rather odd process that involved turning the DS upside down when Inkay reached level 30. It’s unclear how this will work in Pokemon GO, but it will likely involve flipping phones upside down.

Several other Pokemon will be spawning in the wild more frequently during the Psychic Spectacular event. These Pokemon are as follows:

  • Abra
  • Gothita
  • Solosis
  • Drowzee

Elgyem will also be available at a lower spawn point, along with Inkay itself. Trainers who are looking for Pokemon to help with raids or Ultra League should be chomping at the bit to see Abra available. This Pokemon evolves into Alakazam, which holds a spot as a top-tier Psychic-type Pokemon in the game.

Speaking of top-tier Psychic Pokemon, another large threat will be available through tier 5 raids. The legendary Pokemon Lugia will be appearing during this event. Any trainer looking for a safe swap can’t go wrong with Lugia’s 310 Defense stat.

The other Pokemon appearing in raids are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Staryu, Chimeco, Bronzor, Espurr and Inkay
  • Tier 3: Alolan Raichu, Wobbuffet, Medicham, and Metagross
  • Mega Tier: Mega Slowbro

Several of these Pokemon do wonders in PvP modes. Metagross is a high-powered unit with solid defenses to go along with its large Attack stat. Medicham is also one of the members of the top tier in the Great League.