"How can they keep on messing things up at this pace?!": Pokemon GO community unhappy with Zorua bug

Zorua as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Zorua as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Niantic recently announced that they removed the surprise Zorua encounter from Tuesday's Shuppet Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO. The developer made the decision after it found a bug that caused the Tricky Fox Pokemon to keep the stats of the creature it was masquerading as.

Much like Ditto, Zorua has the ability to disguise itself as any wild creature in the game.

Niantic made the announcement via Twitter:

"Trainers, we are aware of a bug where Zorua, a Pokémon with a planned surprise encounter during October 25th’s Shuppet Spotlight Hour, retains stats such as the height, CP, and attacks of the Pokémon it originally took on the form of.
"The Zorua surprise that occurred in time zones including and prior to GMT+13 will not occur in time zones after while we fix this. Shuppet Spotlight Hour will still occur."

The company added:

"Zorua already caught by Trainers will not be able to be Traded, sent to Pokemon HOME, or allowed in GO Battle League until this issue is resolved."

Many Pokemon GO players have since reacted to the decision on social media. Taking to the game's official subreddit, user Uunikana started a thread expressing their disappointment with Niantic as a whole. The post was titled:

"Professional, multi-billion dollar company, everybody. How can they keep on messing things up at this pace?!"

Redditors react to Pokemon GO's newest Zorua bug on user Uunikana's thread

Many trainers on Uunikana's thread expressed their disappointment at Niantic's decision to remove Zorua's encounter, as they were yet to get their hands on the Pokemon.

After Niantic increased the amount it charges for microtransactions, many expected it would have no issues finding experienced game testers to make sure the content being released was perfect.

User BlackMassAlumni brought up this exact point in the thread.

Some users also claimed that nobody really wants to work at Niantic due to bad management. A shortage of labor could be why many trainers have been experiencing a lack of quality from the company's titles, Pokemon GO included.

As prices for items increase and the quality of the title decreases, trainers everywhere are starting to wonder if Niantic cares about their playerbase.

However, user Skraporc highlighted that Pokemon GO had a huge increase in quality after player numbers dipped. With this in mind, it may not be unreasonable to expect another quality of life update if the numbers go down again.

Here are more reactions to the removal of Zorua's encounter from the Shuppet Spotlight Hour:

While everyone knows that this issue will eventually be resolved, the thought of what's to come cannot help but linger in the minds of trainers everywhere. Hopefully, the Zorua bug is the last game-breaking glitch that players see in Pokemon GO for a long time.

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