Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour October 25: Starting time, all event bonuses, how to prepare, and more

Upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour (Image via Pokemon)
Upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour (Image via Pokemon)

Spotlight Hours is one of the most delightful regular events in Pokemon GO, with players eagerly waiting each week to participate. October has already seen Purrloin, Haunter, and Misdreavus appear in the limelight for players to catch. The last Spotlight Hour of this month will focus on the Generation III Ghost-type Pokemon. Shuppet.

Niantic has done a commendable job in constantly churning out exciting events in Pokemon GO to sustain the excitement and popularity around their smartphone title. Over the years, new Pokemon, features, and more have been added, which have managed to keep a hold of the large fan base of the game.

Shuppet will be featured in the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour on October 25

The upcoming Spotlight Hour will feature Shuppet, as mentioned above, who will be appearing more frequently in the wild during the course of the event. This week's Spotlight Hour will be held on Tuesday, October 25, between 6 pm and 7 pm local time, allowing players from around the world to participate.

Players can evolve the Generation III Ghost-type Pokemon into Banette, provided they have the required 50 Shuppet candy for the process. Spotlight Hours make for the perfect occasion to gather candy, as the Pokemon in the limelight will spawn with an increased frequency in the wild.

The event bonus for this week's Spotlight Hour is 2x Evolve XP. This will be an added incentive for players to evolve their Pokemon that meets the criteria during the Spotlight Hour to make the most of the event bonus. Players will also be able to catch a shiny Shuppet in-game during Spotlight Hour.


Players who are lucky enough to encounter a shiny Shuppet will also have the opportunity to evolve it into a shiny Banette. The best way to prepare for this week's event is to ensure that you have enough Pokeballs to catch as many featured Pokemon as possible, along with ensuring that there is enough space in your Pokemon Storage Box.

Players are also advised to utilize Pokemon GO items such as Incense, which increases the spawn rate of the critters, Lucky Eggs to increase the amount of XP over a short period, and Star Pieces, that increase the amount of Stardust earned for a short time.

Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 Part 1 is currently live in-game, bringing holiday-themed decorations and pocket monsters to the game. The event also marks the debut of Mega Banette, who is appearing in Mega Raids. The festive celebration has only just started, and there's a lot in store for players over the next week.

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