How to catch Petilil in Pokemon GO

Petilil (Image via Niantic)
Petilil (Image via Niantic)
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Petilil was recently an essential Pokemon in Pokemon GO's Sustainability Week. Many players might be wondering how to track one down without the raised encounter rate from the event.

This mono-Grass type and its evolution aren't exactly the most famous, nor are they that notable in combat. But they certainly still have fans and are worth catching for anyone looking to complete their Pokemon GO collection.

How to catch Petilil in Pokemon GO

Petilils (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Petilils (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Though the event has now ended, players can also manually lure out one of these cutesy Grass-types by completing Research Tasks during Sustainability Week.

Just the reward Petilil(s) aren't enough to evolve Petilil into Lilligant, though, so it certainly won't hurt players to know how to hunt down a few more.

Petilil isn't hard to find on Pokemon GO. As a Grass-type, it will show up in more natural areas. Parks, grasslands, farmlands, and woodlands are all fair game.

Once found, all the usual tricks for catching Pokemon work. Toss out a Razz Berry, then chuck an Ultra Ball at just the right curve to snag the little grassy Pokemon.

Alternatively, Petilil is currently in the 5km Adventure Sync egg group. It has also been known to be in the regular 5km egg group in past events and may return to it in the future.

Petilil is also in the pool for Tier 1 Raid Bosses. While not exactly the most common method for finding them, players may still want to keep an eye on nearby Gyms for Petilil raids.

It should also be noted that for Petilil to evolve into Lilligant, players will need a Sun Stone. These can be found by visiting Poke Stops or by logging into Pokemon GO for seven days straight.

They share a pool with the other evolution items, but a Sun Stone will eventually pop up with enough perseverance.

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