How to change Furfrou's form in Pokemon GO

Six of Furfrou's ten different trims (Image via Jim Gaming HD)
Six of Furfrou's ten different trims (Image via Jim Gaming HD)
Shane Foley

Furfrou, as well as its signature form-changing mechanic, is finally making its debut in the popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO.

Furfrou will be the latest Generation VI Pokemon to be added to Pokemon GO. The Kalos Region from Generation VI is known for having a French esthetic, and Furfrou’s fashion sense most definitely fits this theme. There is a way to change Furfrou’s trim in Pokemon X and Y, but how will it work in Pokemon GO?

Furfrou gets sprite-changing mechanic in Pokemon GO


When Furfrou is found in the wild during Fashion Week in Pokemon GO, it will have its normal base sprite. Changing its form almost works the same way that evolution does for other Pokemon. All that trainers need to do is spend 25 candies and 1,000 stardust, and they will be taken to a screen where they can select Furfrou’s new trim.

That being said, though, not every trainer will have access to the same trims. Some of them will be exclusive to different parts of the world. The only trims that trainers will globally have access to are Furfrou’s natural trim, Matron trim, and Dandy trim.

The list of region locked trims for Furfrou are as follows:

  • Debutante trim: Available in both Americas
  • Diamond trim: Available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Star trim: Available in Asia and the Pacific region
  • La Reine trim: Available in France
  • Kabuki trim: Available in Japan
  • Pharaoh trim: Available in Egypt

Fans may notice that Furfrou’s Heart trim has been left off of this list. This is because the way trainers can form change into the Heart trim is, at the moment, a mystery. Niantic has told trainers to stay tuned, so there may be a surprise down the line involving the rare Heart trim Furfrou.

This is meant to emulate Furfrou’s form change in Pokemon X and Y. In these games, trainers were able to visit Friseur’s Furfrou store to change Furfrou’s trim. Other places Furfrou could get its appearance changed are the Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport City in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and the salon in Hau’oli City in the Alola region.

Pokemon Go's Fashion Week starts on Tuesday, September 21st and will last until the following Tuesday on September 28th. It promises to have many more features, including fashionable sprites for Kirlia, Sneasel, and other Pokemon.

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