Pokemon Anime all but confirms the return of Infernape, sends fans in a frenzy on Twitter

Ash and Infernape Meet Again {Image via}
Ash and Infernape Meet Again {Image via}
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The recent reveal of a trailer for an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series informs fans of the return of one of Ash Ketchum's long-lost Pokemon. Fans are turning to Twitter to share their response to this emotional event.

Pokemon Anime all but confirms the return of Infernape, sends fans in a frenzy on Twitter

Tweeted out by, the latest trailer for the yet-to-be-released Pokemon Journeys: The Series episode shows Ash Ketchum alongside Infernape as they engage in battle with Moltres.

Infernape has not been seen by Ash's side since the Pokemon trainer made the difficult decision to leave this Pokemon behind after it helped him win a major battle nearly an entire decade ago.

With Infernape at his side, Ash found himself competing in the tournament known as the Lily of the Valley Conference.This championship competition truly tested the beloved Pokemon trainer as he secured a spot in the top four but did not manage to win.

However, in Infernape's final moments in its own battle, it managed to activate Blaze and glroiously defeat its opponent. Though the Pokemon had to stay behind with Professor Oak in order to heal, it has been sorely missed by long-time Pokemon fans.

Infernape had stolen many hearts within the Pokemon community long ago with his appearance. So much so that its return has riled the fandom in its 25th year of celebrating all Pokemon and their creation.

The episode that has Pokemon fans on the egde of their seats is set to air sometime in May. The trailer currently circulating contains footage from several different episodes, making it difficult to pinpoint when Infernape will return.

Nevertheless, Infernape will be beside Ash Ketchum once more. Should Pokemon fans be looking to see Infernape's return, they should tune in regularly to the show as new episodes are released over the next month.

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