Pokemon GO introduces Season of Mischief and Hoopa to the game

The Season of Mischief begins soon in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
The Season of Mischief begins soon in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO has announced that the Season of Mischief will take place from September 1st to December 1st, and will give players a chance to encounter Hoopa.

By participating in this season's Special Research Story, trainers can gain an opportunity to catch the incredible Pocket Monster, Hoopa.

Here's everything there is to know about the Season of Mischief and Hoopa being added to Pokemon GO.

Players can begin encountering Confined Hoopa on September 5th by completing tasks in Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO's new Season of Mischief is sure to be full of awesome surprises and events for players to take part in.

When Hoopa officially makes its debut in the game on September 5th, there will be a few additional bonuses to help celebrate its arrival. Ghost, Dark, and Psychic-type Pokemon will be spawning more frequently throughout the day. These types of Pocket Monters will also be attracted to Incense used during that period.

A Collection Challenge will also be ongoing, which rewards Hoopa with candy upon completion. Trainers will earn twice the normal amount of species candy for each Pokemon transferred during the event. There will also be event-exclusive Field Research tasks and a free bundle available in the shop with an Incense included in it.

Due to the beginning of the new season, different Pokemon will now begin to spawn around the world. Likewise, the Pocket Monsters hatched from eggs will be switched up as well. There will be one special Mega Evolution bonus each month throughout the Season of Mischief, where a certain Pokemon will get a CP boost when Mega Evolved.

All in all, the new season looks to be an exciting one for trainers in Pokemon GO as Hoopa is finally going to join the ranks. The next three months of the Season of Mischief will certainly be teeming with fantastic events.

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