Pokemon GO Luvdisc Limited Research Day: Schedule, featured Pokemon, wild encounters, and more

Luvdisc limited Research Day event (Image via Pokemon GO)
A closer look at the Luvdisc Limited Research Day event (Image via Pokemon GO)

A brand new Limited Research Day event has appeared on the horizon for Pokemon GO players. The Luvdisc Limited Research Day will be part of the Valentine's Day 2023 event, perfectly fitting into the occasion's theme. Players will get to complete Limited Field Research tasks and enjoy a wide range of wild encounters.

The Valentine's Day 2023 event will feature the very first appearance of Mega Gardevoir in Pokemon GO, with trainers being able to encounter this formidable beast in Mega Raids. The upcoming occasion will also see the debuts of Shiny Frillish and Shiny Tapu Lele.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we have some sweet treats for you this year! ❤️Join us on February 8, 2023, to kick off #PokemonGO’s Valentine’s Day celebration!👀⬇️…

While the former can be found in wild encounters, Field Research encounters, and 7 km egg hatches, the latter will be present in Five-Star Raids. This article lists out all of the details for the upcoming Luvdisc Limited Research Day event in Pokemon GO.

Everything you need to know about the Luvdisc Limited Research Day in Pokemon GO

As shared in the official announcement of the Valentine's Day 2023 event, the Luvdisc Limited Research Day is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 11, 2023 from 2:00 pm local time to 5:00 pm local time. During this period, trainers will be able to get Limited Field Research tasks by interacting with Photo Disks at PokeStops.

Upon completing these Field Research tasks, players will have the opportunity to encounter Luvdisc in-game. Furthermore, they will also have a greater chance of coming across a shiny variant of Luvdisc. Trainers will surely be eager to get their hands on Shiny Luvdisc, with this event being the perfect occasion for it.

The wild encounters for the Luvdisc Limited Research Day event are as follows:

  • Slowpoke (shiny variant will be available)
  • Lickitung (shiny variant will be available)
  • Miltank (shiny variant will be available)
  • Lileep (shiny variant will be available)
  • Feebas (shiny variant will be available)
  • Spritzee (shiny variant will be available)
  • Fomantis
  • Alomomola [rare encounter] (shiny variant will be available)

The Valentine's Day 2023 event will also see featured attacks for Gallade and Gardevoir. There will be event bonuses for players to claim and a branching Timed Research story with a wide variety of rewards on offer. In general, there's plenty of exciting content being offered and interested readers can learn more about it here.

Niantic has also revealed the content roadmap for February 2023 in Pokemon GO as the Season of Mythical Wishes continues. This month will feature the long-anticipated GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas and Global events, which will see the mechanics of Primal Reversion being added to the game.

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Besides this, there are plenty of attractive events for players to engage in. Interested readers can refer to the entire timeline of February 2023 in Niantic's popular AR title by checking out this article.

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