Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaker discusses gym leaders, recommended order for Path of Legends, Paradox Donphan, and more

Grusha, a gym leader from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via Game Freak)
Grusha, a gym leader from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be a few months away from their November 18, 2022 release, but that hasn't stemmed the tide of incoming leaks. One such leaker who has had a recent track record of solid leaks is known as Kaka, and the community source recently posted once more about upcoming features.

Among their posts translated by the community, Kaka addressed the game's open-ended gym leader challenges, as well as one of the game's new Paradox Pokemon.


Various members of the franchise's community have divulged alleged details on the upcoming games, encompassing several different features. Though not every leak that comes along in the Pokemon community is genuine, some of them do eventually turn out to be true.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Kaka's leaks stir up discussion about various issues

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have three distinct campaign paths (Image via Game Freak)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have three distinct campaign paths (Image via Game Freak)

In a Reddit post on September 15, 2022, user PokemongottacAT posted a Twitter thread that claimed to detail translated leak notes by Kaka. These detail the Path of Legends, a three-pronged story campaign that players can take part in.

Within the Path of Legends, they can freely challenge Paldea's gyms in one path, Titan species in another, or the villainous Team Star in the third. In the alleged leak, Kaka detailed that the region's gym leaders do not scale to the player's battle team.

Additionally, they provided a recommended order to complete the Path of Legends to avoid struggling. Lastly, Kaka stated that Paradox Donphan will be the Ground-type gym's boss as well as having exclusive characteristics for each version of the game.

According to other leaks within the community, Paradox Pokemon are alleged species that have traveled from the past or future and feature dual elemental types that are far removed from their original counterparts.

So far, these new Pocket Monsters have not been revealed in any game trailers by Game Freak or Nintendo, but they have circulated within leak circles, almost dating back to the two games' announcement. With this recent spoiler-heavy leak by Kaka, the Reddit community has reacted in various fashion.

The prospect of challenging higher-level gym leaders early on is quite interesting for the series.

In previous titles, trainers were essentially railroaded into challenging gym leaders that featured stronger Pokemon as they progressed through the game. Allowing trainers to take on tougher challenges right from the beginning will usher in a sense of freedom that hasn't been seen before in the franchise.

Paradox Donphan has also been a matter of debate, as Kaka did not divulge exactly how it would be made exclusive between the Scarlet and Violet titles.

However, Paradox forms will allegedly be divided between arriving from the future or the past. As such, some players have speculated that the version of the game that is purchased may dictate which region of time a species arrives from.

As with all leaks, players should take these new developments with a certain amount of skepticism. However, Kaka has had a fairly accurate history of leaks in the past, and this has garnered some excitement from trainers around the world.

With Game Freak releasing relatively subdued information on Scarlet and Violet, leaks can be something to drum up enthusiasm for when the awaited titles are finally released for Nintendo Switch in mid-November.

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