Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets you ride legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon from the start

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's legendaries will reportedly be available at the very start of the game (Image via Nintendo)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's legendaries will reportedly be available at the very start of the game (Image via Nintendo)

On August 3, 2022, Nintendo hosted a Pokemon Direct event, with 20 minutes worth of useful and interesting gameplay information. Showcasing new features and the number of gyms as well as “Paldean forms”, the latest video for the upcoming game certainly did not disappoint.

One of these new features, in particular, was quite interesting. To elaborate, the player will actually get to start with their legendary, but it will be used as a mount to get them around.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starts players off with their legendary

Takato Utsunomiya, Chief Operating Officer of The Pokemon Company, led the Nintendo Direct, offering tons of information about their upcoming titles. While many games from the franchise had relevant news, the biggest reveals concerned Scarlet and Violet.

In the Nintendo Direct, characters in the game were shown riding around on the legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon, using them like bicycles. The two legendaries were also shown sprouting wings and flying through the skies.

The legendaries traveled with ease in the skies, across the water, and even through the rockiest mountains. Despite both the legendaries having wheels, only Miraidon travels using them, while Koraidon uses his feet instead.


According to the video, Koraidon and Miraidon will be relied upon as partners in the upcoming open-world RPG and can change forms at will to get through whatever terrain the Pokemon trainer needs to get across.

These legendaries will be accessible from the start of the game to make travel significantly easier, but it is currently not known when players will be able to access the legendary’s powers in battle.

The video also showed off a wealth of other information, such as the game having three main stories to explore, and that the eight gyms could be tackled in any order. Scarlet and Violet’s world is a completely open one, so there is no stopping players from exploring the game any way they see fit.

More on Scarlet/Violet- 8 gyms confirmed- some Pokémon have a new Paldean form- Pokédex is greatly expanded- multiplayer lets you explore the Paldea with 3 friends- Terastallize is a new feature that crystallizes Pokémon in combat and boosts their stats #PokemonPresents

Obviously, this is a brand new feature for the franchise, taking it from a linear RPG to an open-world, multiplayer RPG instead. The trailer also showed the new Terastallize system, which crystallizes Pokemon in battle to boost their stats and possibly even change their current typing.

Fortuantely, fans won’t have to wait long, as Scarlet and Violet is slated to release on November 18, 2022. It offers a whole new world of adventure for fans, as they group together and explore the Paldea region, make new friends, and experience new, thrilling challenges.

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