Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's latest trailer showcases Terastallize, Tera Raid, TM creation, & more

There was a lot to take in from the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer (Image via Game Freak)
There was a lot to take in from the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer (Image via Game Freak)

The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer has revealed a great deal of information for fans to go over.

The adventure in Paldea is on the horizon with multiple storylines, new creatures, and several fresh mechanics. This looks like a step forward and the start of a new era for the Pokemon gaming franchise.


The nearly 15-minute-long trailer showcased more of the Terastallize phenomenon, a new evolution, the ability to create TMs, story aspects, and so much more.

New trailer reveals many more aspects of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Potential trainers looking to take on Scarlet and Violet have plenty to look forward to. The trailer, which could potentially be the last, includes many never-before-seen details.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to arrive on November 18, 2022. Each version will have its own exclusive Pokemon and a few altered details between the two.

Biggest takeaways from the trailer

There is quite to unpack from the trailer. While many new features and mechanics were shown, only a good handful can be marked as the most important.

Starting with a new evolution, the long-awaited second stage of Girafarig has finally been revealed. In the Paldea region, the Pokemon will evolve into Farigiraf and maintain the Normal/Psychic-type designation.

Next is the ability to host picnics. Sandwiches can be made that provide a variety of buffs depending on the ingredients used. Picnics will also allow trainers to clean up their partner Pokemon and play with them before the meal.

Perhaps the most important thing shown came at the end of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer. Tera Raids will be available for four trainers to battle a Terastallized Pokemon in hopes of catching it.

This is a chance to obtain a powerful Pokemon with a rare Tera Type. The trailer showed trainers battling a Terastallized Chansey with a Ghost Tera Type replacing its typical Normal-type.

Every Pokemon has a chance to be any of the available types when they Terastallize. Trainers will just have to check their details page to see which one they end up with.

Aside from everything mentioned, the trailer showed battle mechanics, a trainer fighting through a Team Star base, the Let's Go feature that was previously touched on, and a new crafting system.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will allow trainers to craft TMs, or Technical Machines, that teach Pokemon certain moves. Resources and materials for crafting will be found by catching or defeating wild creatures.

The trailer is a must-watch for anyone looking to pick up a copy of either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.