Pokemon Unite: Decidueye's moveset revealed

As the Arrow Quill Pokemon, Decidueye's moveset will be very projectile based (Image via TiMi Studios)
As the Arrow Quill Pokemon, Decidueye's moveset will be very projectile based (Image via TiMi Studios)
Shane Foley

Decidueye hasn’t arrived in Pokemon Unite just yet, but its moveset has recently been revealed.

Decidueye’s arrival into Pokemon Unite has been hinted at for quite a while. Data miners found Decidueye in the code for Pokemon Unite a while back. Also, during Pokemon Unite’s Halloween celebration, an image was shown that featured a pumpkin with Rowlett’s visage on it.

In a recent tweet, it has finally been confirmed that the Generation VII starter will be a new addition to the Pokemon Unite roster.

Which attacks will Decidueye be able to use in Pokemon Unite?

Decidueye’s moveset was leaked in a video from ElChicoEevee with Decidueye gameplay. Like all other characters in Pokemon Unite, Decideye’s moveset is heavily inspired by what it learns in the main series games.

Its basic attack is a simple projectile that deals damage. This basic attack also has its speed increased with each hit, and its boosted attack shoots multiple quills. After the boosted attack is used, all basic attacks will shoot multiple quills for a short time.

Decidueye’s passive ability increases the damage of attacks fired at targets who are at a distance. Clearly, this Pokemon is built to be played at a range from its opponents.

The Pocket Monster's first two attacks are Leafage and Astonish. Leafage sprays projectiles at the target, lowering their Attack and Attack Speed if the hit connects. Astonish, similar to Sylveon’s Baby Doll Eyes, is a single projectile that slows the target as well as deals damage.

Considering Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon, it has one Grass focused moveset and the other build features Ghost attacks.

The Grass-type build for Deciduee will feature Razor Leaf and Leaf Storm. Unlike Bulbasaur’s Razor Leaf, Decidueye’s version of this move is an Attack buff that increases the damage on its basic attacks and Attack Speed. It also allows Decidueye to hit multiple opponents with its basic attacks.

Leaf Storm is a projectile that shoves opponents that are close up farther away, as well as deals damage. Once it hits, it lowers the opponent’s movement speed.

Decidueye's arrivle was officially confirmed in a recent Tweet (Image via Pokemon Unite Twitter)
Decidueye's arrivle was officially confirmed in a recent Tweet (Image via Pokemon Unite Twitter)

The Ghost-type moves for Decidueye will be Shadow Sneak and its signature move, Spirit Shackle. Shadow Sneak is an AOE move with incredibly long range. When it hits, it deals damage and lowers both the Defense and movement speed of the target. Decidueye also has its movement speed increased when this move connects.

In a nutshell, Spirit Shackle is basically a projectile version of Lucario’s Power up Punch. Decidueye charges up this move to increase its power.

Spirit Shackle also applies a very interesting effect on the target. If Decidueye charges the move to its maximum, it will stitch the target’s shadow into the ground. That target will then take damage and have its movement speed lowered if they move far away from the shadow.

Finally, Decidueye’s Unite Move will be called Nock Nock. This was hinted at in the Tweet which confirmed Decidueye’s arrival into the game.

With Nock Nock, Decidueye fires a stream of projectiles in a direction. The player can rotate this direction to hit multiple opponents. At the end of the move, one large quill will be fired at any enemy that has previously been hit. This move also deals more damage to targets with low health.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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