What are the changes to Rare Candy in Pokemon GO?

GO Battle League will now offer players more Rare Candy (Image via Niantic)
GO Battle League will now offer players more Rare Candy (Image via Niantic)
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Some pretty drastic changes are coming for Pokemon GO trainers as to how they can get Rare Candy.

This item can usually be a godsend to players since it can transform into Candy for any Pokemon. It’s beneficial for rare spawns that trainers won’t be able to grind Candy for. It’s always been a bit hard to stock up on, but trainers will have to change their approach if they want to grind up Rare Candy.

More Rare Candy to come from playing Pokemon GO Battle League


Essentially, Rare Candy will spawn less from Raid rewards and more from GO Battle League rewards. In addition, trainers will get Rare Candy once for every ten gifts they receive. Exact figures have not been released on the frequency of Rare Candy, but will now drop more likely from GO Battle League rewards.

Trainers, we're tuning the opportunities to obtain Rare Candy in the game. Rare Candy chances will be slightly decreased in Raiding and slightly increased in GO Battle League, and you can now obtain Rare Candies in Gifts. #PokémonGO

This is likely a way for Niantic to encourage more trainers to play GO Battle League. The Pokemon Championships are coming up in August, and competitive Pokemon GO will be a format at the event. As a result, the game mode is getting a lot of focus and notoriety.

Other changes to the mobile game were made for the championships in August. An example will be the halt on new movesets for several upcoming months.

However, this change to the frequency of Rare Candy is becoming quite controversial. Many trainers enjoy the game but don’t play GO Battle League often. Naturally, they aren’t too happy about getting less Rare Candy through Raids.

@NianticHelp Another day, another poor decision by Niantic.

Rare Candy can be a valuable resource for trainers who want to play casually. It’s not easy to get Candy for legendaries like Lugia or the upcoming Tapu Bulu, so these trainers would still want easy access to Rare Candy.

The move has its supporters as well, though. Many GO Battle League fans are happy to see better rewards being added to the game mode. GO Battle League’s main rewards come in unique encounters depending on the rank earned. There are also daily rewards depending on how many games are played that day.

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