What happened to Giovanni in Pokemon GO?

Giovanni is not only known for leading Team Rocket but also for creating Mewtwo (Image via Niantic)
Giovanni is not only known for leading Team Rocket but also for creating Mewtwo (Image via Niantic)

Trainers might have lots of difficulty looking for Giovanni in Pokemon GO this September.

Giovanni, the Team GO Rocket leader, is one villain every trainer should be looking to battle. This is because beating Giovanni leads to a chance to catch Mewtwo, a Pokemon so powerful it almost trivializes the game. Anyone who gets a hold of Mewtwo will have a top-ranked Pokemon in most raids as well as a great Master League option.

Giovanni missing in action in Pokemon GO


Unfortunately, Giovanni is gone. He has reportedly disappeared, according to Niantic. It is hinted that he is planning something nefarious in secret, so it will be interesting to see what he has in store.

However, this means that trainers can’t battle Giovanni at the moment. Super Rocket Radars won’t work, so there's no point in using them.

Pokemon GO’s announcement didn’t mention when Giovanni would return. The only further information they offered was stating, “Be sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the season.”

This likely hints at a large event revolving around Team GO Rocket later on in the Season of Mischief. This season is all about Psychic-type Pokemon (as well as Ghost-type), so it makes sense to release the most powerful Psychic Pokemon during this time.

While Team GO Rocket may not be involved, there are plenty of other events for trainers to look forward to. There already has been a Special Research where trainers could pick up the mythical Pokemon Hoopa, who also seems to be the mascot for the Season of Mischief.

The Psychic Spectacular will also be making a return to Pokemon GO. This event will feature the debut of Inkay and its evolution Malamar. These are Generation VI Psychic and Dark Pokemon with a very unique evolution method.

On top of that, Fashion Week is also coming to Pokemon GO. This event will feature a ton of swag, with fashionable skins for Pokemon as well as items to purchase from the shop.

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