What reviews are saying for New Pokemon Snap

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo
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New Pokemon Snap was released on April 30th, 2021, and the reviews have been nothing but positive.

The original being released in 1999, the new Pokemon Snap is a sequel that has been 22 years in the making. Fans have been looking forward to a new version of Pokemon Snap, and a game that builds upon the first one and improves some of its limitations. Thankfully, according to the initial reactions, New Pokemon Snap seems to have exceeded all of its expectations.

What reviews are saying for New Pokemon Snap

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The first criteria that New Pokemon Snap had to meet was capturing the essence of the original game, allowing players to witness Pokemon interacting in their habitat in unique ways. The sequel expands on this idea with new Pokemon (all 8 generations are represented), as well as new tools the player has at their disposal.

In this game, the player is equipped with Fluffruit, Illumina Orbs, and a flute that can entice Pokemon to appear or act in interesting ways. The Illumina Orbs specifically make any pictures taken receive a high score, since they make Pokemon glow. The flute will play a melody that Pokemon react to, and the Fluffruit causes Pokemon to come out of hiding and start eating.

One huge improvement that New Pokemon made on its predecessor is the addition of more courses. In the original Pokemon Snap, there were six courses in total (with a secret seventh). The new game has more courses, offering new environments for players to experience.

Not only are there more areas, but there are more reasons to return to older areas. Some places in the game have different versions for daytime and nighttime, which cause different Pokemon to appear.

There is also a mechanic that makes more Pokemon appear the more frequently the player has been on that course. Players can build a trust factor with the Pokemon on the courses, so an area that has been repeatedly played will cause different Pokemon to show up.

Another interesting new feature is requests. These are small missions that players go on to capture a specific Pokemon. Most of these missions offer hints to get Pokemon to do high scoring poses and actions. This is a great feature that should make it unnecessary for anyone to require a guide, although some hints have been reported to be a bit vague.

While the majority of features in the game have been well received by fans, New Pokemon Snap is not without flaws. One issue that seems to be prevalent is confusion as to which pictures get a high score. Some players have taken pictures that are up close and portray the Pokemon with excellent clarity, but may not necessarily get the full 4 star rating.

Another innovation that players are enjoying is the social media influence on the game. Players can now save their favorite features and customize them with icons, filters, and more. These pictures can then be saved on their Switch and shared with their friends.

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