You will not be able to catch shiny Dewpider in Pokemon Go

Dewpider, a Bug/Water-type Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Dewpider, a Bug/Water-type Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Developer Niantic isn’t done releasing Pocket Monsters into Pokemon GO. It adds new ones every so often, but only a few at a time, which isn’t a bad way of stretching content. However, when a Pokemon is released, its debut rarely includes its shiny form.

Dewpider is a fine example. During Water Festival 2022, Dewpider will appear for the first time, including its evolved form, Araquanid.

While other Pokemon will appear for the first time in their shiny forms, Dewpider, sadly, will not be a member of that party in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: Dewpider won’t be shiny, and more shiny Water-type Pokemon appear during Water Festival


Unfortunately, Dewpider won’t be spawning in its shiny form, but this is pretty standard given developer Niantic’s track record. New Pokemon tend to be released in their base form only to have their shiny version released in an event of some kind. Don’t expect a shiny Dewpider for at least a year or two.

Despite not having a shiny form, Dewpider should still be captured, at least for the sake of completing the Pokedex in Pokemon GO. And it’s adorable, which is reason enough.

In terms of battling, Araquanid — Dewpider’s final evolution — is a solid pick in the Great League.

As a Water and Bug-type Pokemon, it gains quite a few resistances and has a surprisingly good defense. Don’t let its appearance fool you. Dewpider (and Araquanid) resists Water, Ice, Steel, Fighting, and Ground, which gives it a strong defense against Pokemon types players often use, like Ground and Fighting.


For weaknesses, it takes heavy damage from Electric, Rock, and Flying-type moves. Its moveset could also use an extra move or two. On the other hand, Araquanid’s moveset can be altered to fit different strategies and still retain value.

If gamers are discouraged by the exclusion of shiny Dewpider, the Water Festival has several Pokemon appearing more frequently in the wild. And most of them have shiny versions.

In fact, shiny Binacle will make its debut during the Water Festival event. Here are Pokemon that will appear more often and have a shiny version available:

  • Goldeen
  • Marill
  • Lotad
  • Carvanha
  • Wailmer
  • Binacle
  • Lapras (wearing a scarf)

And that’s just wild encounters. More Pokemon can appear in their shiny form via Raids, like Rockruff and Mega Blastoise. Lastly, don’t forget that Tapu Fini will also appear during Five-Star Raids.

The Water Festival event ends on May 20, so players should have ample time to catch their favorite Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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