Pokemon GO: Best counters to use against Mawile

Mawile could be found in the Cave of Origin in the Hoenn region (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mawile could be found in the Cave of Origin in the Hoenn region (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shane Foley

Pokemon GO trainers are going to get a good shot at catching Mawile in October since it is a Tier 3 Raid boss.

Native to the Hoenn region, Mawile was a Pokemon Ruby exclusive. It could be found at the Cave of Origin, Kyogre’s resting place. Mawile gets access to many different moves (Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Play Rough, etc.) that it can pick and choose from depending on the Pokemon it wants to check.

In Pokemon GO, it’s definitely a Pokemon worth catching.

Which Pokemon can beat this Tier 3 Raid boss?

The good news for trainers looking to battle Mawile in Raids is that, statistically, it’s nothing to brag about. It only has 145 Defense, which means it will be easy to damage. It also doesn’t have a very high Attack stat, so it should do negligible damage unless Mawile has a type advantage.

According to Silph Road, this Raid boss can easily be beaten by one trainer alone. Therefore, as long as they have a strong counter, they can beat this Raid quickly.

Mawile's Steel and Fairy-type combination doesn't have too many weaknesses. There is one glaring counter, however: Fire-types. Since they resist Iron Head, Play Rough, Ice Fang, and Fire Fang, Fire-type Pokemon basically cover Mawile's entire toolkit.

Since Mawile is weak to fire, it shouldn’t take too long to figure out who its best counter would be. The best counter to the Mawile Raid is, without a doubt, Mega Charizard Y. With its ridiculously high Attack stats and Fire Spin/Blast Burn combo, Mega Charizard Y drops Mawile in 83 seconds.

That being said, there are certainly other Fire-types that can beat Mawile quickly. Reshiram, Mega Houndoom, and Moltres each annihilate Mawile. Trainers who don’t have many legendaries or Mega evolutions can still use Darmanitan, Blaziken, and Chandelure to make quick work of this Raid boss.

Since Mawile is a Steel-type, Ground Pokemon also have good matchups against it. Since Mawile knows Ice Fang, though, some Ground-type Pokemon can still end up dying in this battle. For example, Landorus-T is double weak to Ice, so it has to do enough damage to beat Mawile before it dies itself. The same goes for Flygon and Garchomp.

Also, despite not having a type advantage, Mega Gengar is still a top 40 counter just because of its sheer power. Mega Gengar is conveniently a Mega Tier Raid boss this month, so the Mawile battle would be a great opportunity to put it to good use.

Edited by R. Elahi
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