Pokemon GO: Best moveset for Bibarel

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The early game otter from Generation IV, Bibarel, is in Pokemon GO and can be useful with some investment.

Trainers can easily get a hold of Bibarel during an upcoming event. On June 25th, 2021, the Bidoof Breakout will be happening in Pokemon GO. If any trainer evolves Bidoof during this event, their Bibarel will get access to a brutalizing weapon in Hyper Beam. Even with its mediocre stats (nothing close to 200), Bibarel can help pick up wins in PvP. This definitely applies to Great League and Great League only though. It's not like Bibarel will be beating Yveltal or Metagross anytime soon.

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How can this Pokemon pick up wins in PvP?


The quick move that should be used on Bibarel is easily Water Gun. Bibarel really wants to concentrate on Water STAB, since Normal moves can’t hit any Pokemon for super effective damage. Water Gun is also just generally quicker, which allows it to do more DPS.

What makes this decision easier is that the alternative, Take Down, is really underwhelming. 1200ms is a long time to wait for a move that only does base 8 damage. It does charge 10 energy, but because of the duration of the move, Water Gun ends up charging more EPS.

For charge moves, Bibarel definitely wants to be running Surf. With this move, at least Bibarel can beat Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon. Bibarel will likely lose to every other threat in Great League, but at least there will be a niche. Surf is also a great move with low energy cost and good speed.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Bibarel’s moveset is that, even though it just got access to Hyper Beam, Hyper Fang is still better. Since Bibarel’s defense is so low (119), it won’t be living long in any battle, especially with all of the Fighting-types in Great League. Therefore, it’s rare Bibarel will ever get the chance to charge up a Hyper Beam. Even if it does, it might fail to pick up KOs on Pokemon like Azumarill and Umbreon.

On the other hand, Hyper Fang is just really consistent. After STAB is accounted for, the 80 base damage on Hyper Fang looks pretty solid. Bibarel is also assured of getting one of these moves off in any battle due to low energy cost. It will rely on Surf most of the time, but Hyper Fang can damage Grass-types or other Pokemon that resist Surf.

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